National Environmental Guard staff on indefinite general strike starting with Tuesday

The staff of the National Environmental Guard (GNM) across the country will launch on Tuesday, May 9, an indefinite general strike, thus manifesting their discontent and indignation for the salary inequity that exists in the environmental protection domain.

“It is beyond understanding the discrepancy between the importance granted globally to environment-protection issues and the way those watching over the preservation of a healthy environment are being treated in our country. Although environmental protection is a strategically important domain, representing a vulnerability, a risk and a priority according to the country’s National Defence Strategy, the employees of the GNM haven’t benefited from a salary raise since 2009, at present being indemnified based on the lowest salary grid from the entire budgetary system,” reads a press release of the GNM Union, remitted on Monday evening to AGERPRES.

The National Environmental Guard employees interrupted work for two hours on April 26, nationwide, in order to bring to the forefront their discontent related to the non-alignment of GNM staff salaries to the level of the salaries of colleagues from institutions with similar responsibilities, as well as to the improvement of working conditions, these actually being their claims.

“The fact that from that date to present the Government’s representatives haven’t expressed their interest in solving the serious issues that exist in our institutional system has led to the current state of affairs. For the entire time of the general strike, the specific activities of the GNM will not be carried out, there will be no work with the public in any station in the country, and we apologise to the citizens for this malfunction,” further reads the press release signed by the union leader Valentin Neagoe.

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