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Piata Indonezia 2017: Enjoy The Flavor of Java

After two consecutive years of successful events, “Piata Indonezia”, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia will again showcase the culture and tradition of Indonesia to the people of Bucharest. This year’s event will bring the theme “Enjoy the flavor of Java” to spice up the summer days in Bucharest. “Piata Indonezia 2017” will take place on Saturday, 13 May 2017. The audience will experience live interaction during performances such as dances, live traditional music, cooking demo, martial arts, and Javanese traditional wedding parade. In addition, tasty Indonesian cuisines with combination of exotic spices such as lemongrass, coriander, curcuma leaves, cumin, star anise, and many more will be served to delight all audiences.

“As it has been in the last two years, our goal is always to make the people of Bucharest fall in love with Indonesia. In times like this, the willingness to understand other culture, to love other culture is the utmost important. By bringing our culture to you, we offer a willingness to open ourselves to you. By inviting you to taste our beloved cuisine, we invite you to be part of our family”, said the Indonesian Ambassador, Mr. Diar Nurbintoro, during the rehearsal.

Java was chosen to be the theme of this year’s Piata Indonezia because of its diverse characteristics of the people, language, religion, and custom, all in one island. The lively Angklung (traditional bamboo instruments) from West Java will have no resemblance with the surrealism of gamelan (traditional metal instruments) from Central Java. The upbeat Jaipongan dance from West Java will contrast with the dances from Central Java that are graceful and gentle. The sweetness of Central Java cuisines tastes nothing like the hot and bold cuisines from East Java. In essence, Java encapsulates the philosophy of unity in diversity, which is the motto of  Indonesians, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

A special performance in “Piata Indonezia 2017” will be the performance of Indonesian and Romanian anthem with an Indonesian traditional instrument called angklung. Angklungs are created by bonding two or three tubes of bamboo together. It is played in-group with one person plays one or more angklungs that represent one note. Having pentatonic tunes, almost any song can be played by angklung, including Romanian anthem, “Deșteaptă-te, române”!

Another special performance is the collaboration between Indonesian Embassy and the National University of Music Bucharest. The National University of Music Bucharest will perform a fusion of traditional Indonesian and Romanian music. The combination of both is a very dynamic piece of music that invites the audience to interact by moving and dancing to the music. The audience are expected to immersed themselves in the experience and be part of the performance.

Piata Indonezia will take place at the premise of Indonesian Embassy at Strada Gina Patrichi no. 10 Sector 1 Bucharest. It will be open for public from 11:30 – 16:00. More information about Piata Indonezia can be found at Piata Indonezia’s Facebook page and #piataindonezia.

Just like last year, Nine O’Clock will be one of the media partners of “Piata Indonezia 2017”.




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