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May 29, 2022

PM Grindeanu concludes visit to Vienna: Romanians in Austria contribute to its economic growth, most work honestly

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu stated on Tuesday in Vienna that the Romanians in Austria contribute to the economic growth of this country, pointing out that most of them work honestly.

Asked whether during the meeting with Christian Kern, the Chancellor of Austria, he also discussed the country’s intention to give priority to Austrian citizens when hiring, Prime Minister Grindeanu replied: “There are (…) about 105,000 Romanians in Austria. We are among the countries with the largest presence from this point of view (…) Through their daily work, the Romanians contribute to Austria’s economic growth (…). The vast majority of the Romanians here (…) work correctly, honestly, they observe Austria’s laws.”

According to the head of the Executive, Chancellor Kern is appreciative of what Romanians do in Austria. “I do not want to meddle into Austria’s internal debates and I do not think it is my role to do so. Assuredly, we are united by the common European principles and both Romania and Austria plead for strengthening the common European project” emphasized Grindeanu.

At the same time, Sorin Grindeanu reiterated that he discussed with Christian Kern about the allowances granted by the Austrian state to the children of migrants.

“In Austria, at the moment, there is a debate on the allowances given to the children of migrants (…) We have raised this issue in the meeting with Chancellor Kern. They are in a process in which they sent to the European Commission a clarification request. We consider, as a country, that the European principles, the underlying principles of the European design, those which are related to the free movement of labor and capital (…) should be complied with. There can be no European citizens of different categories or different ranks,” Grindeanu further said.


PM says he told Holzindustrie Schweighofer that Forestry Code must be observed


Romanian Premier on Tuesday night asserted in Vienna that he told the representatives of the Holzindustrie Schweighofer company that the provisions of the Forestry Code must be observed by all actors in wood industry.

When asked about the illegal deforestation in Romania, Premier Grindeanu said he met the officials of several Austrian companies among which wood industry companies, alongside the Economic Chamber of Austria, where tens of companies were present.

“Some that are already operating in Romania, others that would like to invest in Romania. Officials of that certain industry were attending, too and put a lot of questions, to me and to my colleagues,” said Grindeanu.

Premier Grindeanu added that he told three things to the Holzindustrie Schweighofer’s officials: “Firstly, to observe the Forestry Code endorsed by Romania’s Parliament last year. Secondly, the wood’s provenance – it is the same rule for everybody, not only for that company – it must be legal and proven. And thirdly, I urged them to keep in touch and have a very good dialogue with the NGOs in this field, to be aware of certain cases the NGOs are raising, to try to explain certain actions in the following period, which perhaps have not been very well explained, to be extremely transparent in all their doings,” said Grindeanu.

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