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February 3, 2023

Andrei Ursu, son of dissident Gheorghe Ursu is awarded prize by New Human Rights Magazine

Andrei Ursu, the son of the engineer and poet tortured and killed in 1985 by the Communist authorities Gheorghe Ursu, has been awarded the prize by the Noua Revista de Drepturile Omului – NRDO / New Human Rights Magazine, in a ceremony on Monday at the seat of the Pavesiana Library in Bucharest.

The prize was granted for “the abnegation and resolution shown by Andrei Ursu starting with 1990, by opening the law suits against those who have taken into custody, tortured and murdered his father,” according to the motivation read by the NRDO director, Gabriel Andreescu.

The prize consists of a statuette, made by artist Radu Fulga, a Diploma and the equivalent of EUR 1,000, the NRDO director added.

Laudatio was voiced by the first NRDO awardee, Professor Emil Moise, the one who in 2014 had managed to persuade the Constitutional Court of Romania of the necessity to reverse the procedure according to which the parents of under aged pupils or the adult pupils were compelled to submit applications so that they would be absolved from the Religion classes.

“I feel very embarrassed. I believe that there are many others who were more entitled to such an honour, and yet I accept it humbly. I also take it as an appreciation, and this is what pleases me most, of my father’s action, Gheorghe Ursu, of keeping his memory, of solving his case, and also as an attention from you, my friends, the media who have helped us all of these years, from the human rights associations, from so many friends of these groups – here I have to remind the GDS (Group for Social Dialogue) too, that was alongside us in these years, that were my host during my two hunger strikes – and of course from some representatives of the judiciary, – not many, but still with an essential contribution, there would have been no law suit today without them, and here I want to remind Mr. Dan Voinea,” said Andrei Ursu in his acceptance word.

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