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January 24, 2022

Parliament approves establishment of NATO Counter-intelligence Detachment on Romanian territory

Parliament’s plenary sitting on Tuesday unanimously approved the request of President Klaus Iohannis for the establishment on Romania’s territory, of NATO’s Bucharest Counter-intelligence Detachment.

“The Detachment’s establishment and its deployment to our country’s territory are part of the allied effort to implement in this area measures to increase the capacity to respond to the challenges of the international security environment and constitute an obligation of the Allied Command,” reads the joint admission report in response to the Head of the State’s letter.

The NATO Counter-intelligence Detachment will undertake its activity as part of the South East Multinational Division in Bucharest, the president’s letter further states. The document also mentions that the Supreme Council of National Defence (CSAT) approved the establishment of this detachment on the territory of Romania.

The senators and deputies took note in Tuesday’s joint plenary sitting of President Klaus Iohannis’ letter, which informed the parliamentarians that Romania will participate, starting with 2017, in the Battle Group that supports the enhanced presence of NATO in Poland with a Subunit of 120 soldiers and their corresponding capabilities.

“The Battle Group contributes to supporting the security, complementary to the national defence forces, in situations of crisis or conflict. Romania will ensure the rotation of two national contingents with a six-month mission, as contribution to this Battle Group (…) The Ministry of National Defence will carry out the necessary steps to implement the specific responsibility for generating, hiring, training, participating and supporting missions outside the national territory of the participating structure,” reads the letter.



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