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July 3, 2022

PSD’s NatExCom decides: Serban Nicolae replaced by Mihai Fifor at helm of PSD’s Senate group and by Robert Cazanciuc at helm of Judiciary Committee

*MP Bacalbasa’s party membership suspended for six months


The Social Democratic Party’s (PSD) National Executive Committee (NatExCom) decided on Wednesday to replace Serban Nicolae (photo) with Mihai Fifor at the helm of PSD’s Senate group and with Robert Cazanciuc at the helm of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee. Serban Nicolae was Chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee and leader of PSD’s group in the Senate.

Because of the dissatisfactions regarding what happened with the pardon bill within the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, PSD President Liviu Dragnea announced the other days that Serban Nicolae’s situation will be discussed within the NatExCom and sanctions against him will be proposed.

Party sources told News.ro that during the NatExCom meeting Serban Nicolae was given the option to step down from the offices held. Having refused to do so, the proposal to censure him was put up for vote.

At the same time, it was decided to appoint Mihai Fifor as leader of PSD’s group and Robert Cazanciuc as chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

Likewise, PSD’s NatExCom decided to suspend the party membership of Lower Chamber lawmaker Nicolae Bacalbasa, because of his behaviour in Parliament on Tuesday.

During Tuesday’s joint plenum debates on the commission of inquiry into the presidential elections of 2009, PSD’s Nicolae Bacalbasa launched a harsh attack against the Opposition. Addressing a female lawmaker whose name he did not mention, Bacalbasa told her she will suffer a fracture “if she keeps flailing her paws,” accompanying his statement with obscene gestures. Protesting against his statement, Save Romania Union (USR) MPs left the plenary meeting hall.

“My colleague from Vaslui. The whole of Vaslui offers rapes and good speeches in Parliament! I’m the faction that doesn’t shut up in the Romanian Parliament. I for one won’t allow myself frightened by the distilled threats of Ms Gurgan or Curcan, I can’t remember her name, please excuse me, I’m old,” Bacalbasa stated at the rostrum.

Meeting Chairman Gabriel Vlase (PSD) intervened and asked Nicolae Bacalbasa to finish his speech, a request that Bacalbasa disregarded.

Bacalbasa continued his attack, telling a female lawmaker whom he did not name that she will suffer a fracture “if she keeps flailing her paws.” He accompanied his statement with obscene gestures. “Flail those paws. Be careful, you’ll suffer a fracture; be careful miss, you’ll suffer a fracture and then you’ll no longer be able to… vote,” the PSD MP said.

PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Tuesday that the attitude shown by Lower Chamber lawmaker Nicolae Bacalbasa will be discussed at the party’s National Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday, being of the opinion that it is not all right to have such obscene outbursts in Parliament, where lawmakers “are not in a personal capacity.”


Fifor – new leader of PSD Senators: We hope to carry the legislative programme to completion this time around too



Mihai Fifor confirmed on Wednesday that he is the new leader of PSD’s group in the Senate, following the decision adopted by the party’s National Executive Committee.

“It’s the NatExCom’s decision. I’ll start my activity as group leader. For me it’s not something new, I was group leader in the previous mandate too and I believe that, along with my colleagues, we managed to fulfil all our duties. Last mandate was a very good mandate. We hope that, along with our fellow Senators, we will be able to carry the legislative programme to completion this time around too and will be able to implement everything that comes from the Government. We support the Government in all of its activity,” Mihai Fifor stated at the Palace of Parliament.

He said that his duty is complicated but also honouring.

Fifor claimed he will uphold his custom of consulting the ministers at the group on a weekly basis.


Bacalbasa: From a human standpoint, I responded to a provocation while I was being jeered; from a political standpoint, the denouement was unpleasant


Lower Chamber lawmaker Nicolae Bacalbasa stated for News.ro on Wednesday, after PSD suspended his party membership for six months for the way he behaved in Parliament on Tuesday, that from a human standpoint he responded to a provocation while he was being jeered, but from a political standpoint the denouement was not pleasant.

“From a human standpoint, I responded to a provocation while I was being jeered. One of the persons was jeering and hitting [the desk] with greater force; I scolded her. At any rate, I didn’t have any kind of immoral attitude. This is from the human standpoint. From a political standpoint, I had the weakness to respond to the adversaries’ provocation and that was a mistake, a human weakness which is inadmissible for a politician, and I was consequently censured for somewhat crossing the line that the party has drawn in what concerns the relationship with third parties,” Nicolae Bacalbasa told News.ro in a phone interview.

Asked if he is sorry for what happened, Bacalbasa answered: “I’m sorry I responded to provocations. On the other hand, now I’m happy that even though I had a burst of hypertension at that moment, I didn’t collapse, I didn’t suffer brain haemorrhage. So, in my view, for me, biologically, I overcame that challenge. From a political standpoint, it was an unpleasant denouement which also indirectly harmed the interests of my party, which has censured me,” the lawmaker added.

He pointed out that during his six-month suspension he will carry out his activity in parliament and will subsequently resume his party membership.


Serban Nicolae: Is there someone who sings better than me? So much the better for the country and for him


PSD Senator Serban Nicolae considers that his replacement at the helm of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee and of the party’s Senate group does not represent a sanction but “a kind of political act,” and states that he is still thinking whether to remain a member of the Judiciary Committee because he considers he did nothing wrong and is unsure whether his ideas about the judiciary are compatible with those of the party.

“It was a discussion, a perception according to which, theoretically, I too could take such an initiative, it’s just that I told all my colleagues that in my opinion I did nothing wrong toward Liviu Dragnea or the party. The explanation given was that this is not a sanction, it’s a kind of political act. I suspect it’s a political decision,” Serban Nicolae stated when asked whether Liviu Dragnea asked him to give up his offices on his own.

The Social Democrat Senator added that he is thinking whether to remain a member of the Judiciary Committee, considering that at this moment it is not clear for him whether his ideas about the judiciary are compatible with the party’s ideas.

“I have to see: maybe it’s my mistake, my ideas about the judiciary do not correspond with the party’s official ideas. For the time being I was not reproached with allegedly infringing the governing platform in what concerns the judiciary. (…) I do not have personality crises or personality disorders, I know both who I am and what experience I have and what I can do. I’m not necessarily keen to keep demonstrating and take tests as if, you know… pay some attention to me too, I’m good at it, believe me, trust me. If it’s considered I’m needed, I’ll participate. If it’s considered others are, to paraphrase [19th Century poet] Alecsandri: ‘Is there someone who sings better than me? So much the better for the country and for him,’” the Senator said.

Serban Nicolae explained that the amendments he filed, which were initially adopted and would have pardoned those convicted for corruption, were his own, but that he finds it hard to believe Liviu Dragnea was not aware of them.

“I made it clear once again, in front of all colleagues, that there was no kind of agreement between me and Liviu Dragnea, no communication strategy, market testing strategy, reaction testing strategy or other aberrations of this sort. Likewise, that I didn’t adopt any of Basescu’s amendments. All that was adopted in the first stage were the amendments I proposed. (…) I find it hard to believe someone interested didn’t know about those amendments. (…) There was also a street protest. It’s true that they were never debated within the party. There was no reason for that. It was a very technical discussion,” Serban Nicolae added.


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