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October 24, 2021

PNL’s Orban: I’m backed by 24 branch presidents, a significant number of MPs, mayors and county council chairmen

Ludovic Orban, candidate for PNL’s presidency, stated on Tuesday, at the end of his meeting with those who endorse his candidacy, that 24 county branch leaders, several MPs, eight mayors of county seats and three county council chairmen have undersigned his motion, and announced that he will officially file his candidacy on 15 May.

“Twenty-four county branch presidents, a significant number of MPs, eight mayors of county seats and three county council chairmen have so far signed the Orban motion. At this hour, in over 30 county branches there are thousands of signatures of support from city mayors, commune mayors, deputy mayors, county council members and local branch presidents,” Ludovic Orban stated, pointing out that he will officially file his candidacy at 11 a.m. on 15 May, at PNL’s central headquarters.

Orban stated that if he becomes PNL President his leadership team will include his contenders, if they want to, or the backers of his contenders, and he also promised he will not attack his contenders in the race for the party’s presidency.

“The colleagues who entered the race for the office of president are our colleagues, whom I respect. My entire campaign will be a campaign marked by respect for my colleagues, fairness, fair-play. I won’t say anything bad about my colleagues. (…) I believe PNL’s future team should also include people who are candidates running against me, or people of quality and value who support other candidates,” Ludovic Orban added.

Oradea Mayor Ilie Bolojan, PNL’s former secretary general, was heavily courted to become a candidate for PNL’s presidency, but he chose to support Ludovic Orban in this race.

“We took the decision to concentrate our forces, to offer PNL members a strong team that they could elect so that 17 June would be a new beginning for PNL, one that would give this party the chance to offer mechanisms of modernisation for our country and for the welfare of citizens,” Bolojan stated.

On Tuesday, Ludovic Orban met those who support him in the race for PNL’s presidency. The meeting, which took place at the Palace of Parliament, brought together 56 persons, including 23 leaders of the party’s strongest branches, municipal mayors, county council chairmen, incumbent and former lawmakers.


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