Health Minister announces 25th death from measles

Health Minister Florian Bodog said on Thursday that Romania’s measles fatalities reached 25, as a two-year old unvaccinated toddler from Alesd – Bihor County died the day before since the outbreak of the disease.

“As you know, we have the 25th case of measles death, this time in Bihor County (…) in Alesd. A child who died a painful death, he was admitted to hospital, and was then discharged on the next of kin’s own responsibility, a child who was living without his mother at home – she left abroad – and who came in contact with measles patients, a two-year-old unvaccinated child,” Bodog said, after having participated in the public debate on the vaccination law, held at the National Institute of Public Health.

The Minister said the case has already been confirmed. “It is serologically confirmed by tests performed at the Cantacuzino Institute, and a necropsy will be conducted for extra confirmation,” Bodog said.

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