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June 27, 2022

Inquiry Committee of Presidential Election 2009 is set up

The joint plenary sitting of the Lower Chamber and Senate have approved on Thursday, by 241 to 86 votes, the setting up of an Inquiry Committee on the presidential election of 2009.

“Included among the objectives of this committee is the verification of the legal dispositions regarding the organisation and the unfolding of the presidential election of 2009,” Lower Chamber’s Judiciary Committee Chairman Eugen Nicolicea (photo) said .

Other objectives of the said committee are: the verification of the possible existence of some parallel influence or flawed mechanisms impacting the result of the vote; the practical ending of the processing capacity in real time of the votes cast in certain polling stations, outside Romania in particular; the verification of the legality of procuring the IT applications or services used by the Central Electoral Bureau to centralize the outcome of the vote; the verification of the way in which transparency and knowledge of these applications was assured by the political parties’ representatives, as well as the determination of the involvement of certain bodies or persons, other than those legally entitled, in the organisation and unfolding of the electoral process or in political decisions that exceed these institutions’ legal prerogatives in the electoral process.

“The elements in keeping with abuse of office, document and electoral data forgery, crimes which the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice is probing in rem, according to the communiques of 24 April 2017 and 26 April 2017, are not the object of the parliamentary inquiry committee,” reads the amendment lodged by Eugen Nicolicea and adopted by the committees.

“The moment we find aspects of a criminal nature or that could become the subject of investigation already foreseen by the communiques issued or that will be issued, Parliament will cease its oversight of these topics and will send all the documents to the Prosecutor’s Office,” Nicolicea added.

Also approved was the membership of the parliamentary committee of inquiry: Mihai Fifor (committee chairman), Adrian Tutuianu, Dorel Caprar, Mihai Weber, Adrian Plesoianu, Oana Florea, Eugen Nicolicea (all from PSD), Steluta Cataniciu (ALDE), Cezar Preda, Vasile Varga, Daniel Fenechiu (all from PNL), Mihai Gotiu, Eduard Dirca (both from USR), Robert Turcescu (PMP) and Antal Istvan (UDMR).

“PNL will vote in favour of setting up the commission only if Mr Dragnea tells us how he managed to transform the two trucks full of evidence concerning the rigging of the 2009 elections into two ring files,” Raluca Turcan stated during the general debates.

She pointed out that starting a parliamentary inquiry is pointless since the 2009 presidential elections are being probed by the Prosecutor’s Office, but added that nevertheless “there is a hidden purpose of putting pressure on magistrates.”

“We will have members within the commission, who will unveil on a daily basis this imposture you are resorting to at your bosses’ order,” Turcan added. Subsequently, the PNL President pointed out that the Liberals will challenge the decision at the Constitutional Court.

PMP President Traian Basescu said the first thing the members of the committee should do is count the votes tallied on the official reports. “The second thing I would ask you to do is, if possible, not to reach the conclusion that Mircea Geoana is president today, I’m asking you nicely. You’d put Mr Iohannis in an embarrassing situation, he would have to leave for Sibiu until this guy finishes his term,” Basescu said.

He went back to the rostrum to mock Geoana and PSD. “If you make Geoana president I’ll still have the right to run once more,” Basescu laughingly said.

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