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February 8, 2023

SRI deflects cyberattack attempt against Romanian institution

The Cyberint National Centre, operating under the authority of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), has successfully deflected a cyberattack attempt against a governmental institution of Romania.

SRI says in a press statement that it conducted its action based on a notification from Romania’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE).

According to SRI, the attempt most likely originated with an entity associated with the APT28 / Fancy Bear cybercrime ring.

“A cyberattack attempt has been identified against a government institution in Romania, most likely originating with players previously associated with such incidents. Because of efficient cooperation among institutions, the attack has been prevented from materialising itself, and damage has also been deflected, with the targets as well as the attack methodology having been identified. Relevant in terms of cybersecurity is that this attempt is no novelty. Thousands of cyberattacks are perpetrated daily against institutions, entities and persons in the virtual space, and Romania is no exception,” says SRI.

It added that the technological level of the attacks will significantly increase in the period immediately ahead, which “makes implementing a clear and pragmatic legal framework that spells out actual nationwide powers and responsibilities in the area imperiously needed.”

”The attack has been deflected also by using the national system protecting the IT&C infrastructures of national interest against cyberspace threats that has been set up on European grants,” adds SRI.

Also involved in the operation were other national security bodies.

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