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November 30, 2022

Ilinca and Alex Florea to bring to Eurovision final multicolour graphics and musical style mix

Ilinca and Alex Florea will bring on Saturday in the Eurovision final a show combining multicolour graphics with a musical style mix, the two confessing for Agerpres that they want their fans to remember years from now their song “Yodel It!” “with pride, pleasure and the same joy each time.”

Romania enters the competition in Kiev with number 20, with the Romanian artists offering a show including multicolour images and two shiny cannons.

According to the head of Romania’s delegation to Eurovision, Iuliana Marciuc, the graphics of Romania’s show suggests “explosions of joy, good humour and harmony” and rhymes with the song “Yodel It!.”

Furthermore, she told that the show is the result of a collaboration among National Selection director Aurel Badea, composer Mihai Alexandru and graphic designer Adrian Posteuca. In his turn, Mihai Alexandru said that the art direction elements suggest a “love battle.”

“We thought of surprising [the public], having something shocking and something real, as they are justified. There are cannons in the show. In the explosions there are actual cannons, we have made a “sample” from some cannons and introduced them in the song. And then – this love battle will also be visual, even if we shoot love from those cannons,” the composer told Agerpres.

Referring to the political connotations frequently mentioned in the context of the Eurovision voting, the Romanian artists say that the fans are their priority. “The important thing is that we raise to the fans’ expectation level,” the two artists say. “I’m not interested in politics, I am here for music,” Alex Florea pointed out for AGERPRES.

“I have on my Facebook page a fan from Poland who writes me every morning a support message,” Ilinca Bacila said.

Alex Florea appreciates the support of the specialist publication Wiwiboggs. “It constantly supports us, and this matters a great deal,” Alex Florea says. Furthermore, according to a survey of the publication in question, Ilinca and Alex Florea are “the most beloved duo in Eurovision 2017.”

Romania’s two representatives confessed that, for the show in the Saturday evening’s final, they will focus on “choreography, voice and energy exchange.”

Ilinca and Alex Florea thus mark Romania’s come back to the Eurovision stage, after a year of absence, when, because of the public television debt to the European Broadcasting Union – the organisers of the competition – Romania’s participation in the contest was suspended.

The Eurovision final on Saturday will be broadcast live by the Romanian Television.

The winner of the Eurovision trophy is chosen following the jury and the public voting, with equal shares.

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