Portugal crowned as King at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Portugal has won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Amar Pelos Dios” and we’re heading to Lisbon next May. Salvador Sobral only arrived in Kyiv 6 days before the Grand Final due to his delicate health condition . It is for this reason why his sister had to stand in for him during the open rehearsals. It was a wonderful moment when his sister joined Salvador on stage to sing the reprise of the winning song, a popular song which won both the Jury voting and the televoting.

But there were some difference of opinions between the Juries and the Public. Australia was placed high with the Juries but low in the public vote, but overall the Juries and the public seemed to agree. There were still a few surprises, Moldova who were nowhere near the top of the betting managed to finish 3rd which is their best placing ever.

Romania wasn’t that popular with the Juries but was 5th in the televoting giving them a final place of 7th. Ilinca and Alex should be very proud, their song has already charted in many European countries.

Biggest surprise was Italy, the press here were saying it was going to be a runaway victory but they finished only 6th. Bottom 3 on the scoreboard were Ukraine, Germany and Spain – Germany have finished in the bottom 3 for the past 3 years and Ukraine will be delighted that they won’t have to host or finance again next year.

I’ve attended 19 Eurovision Song Contests and every year I’m blown away by the enthusiasm of the fans, what other event in the world would have fans support and applaud the opposition?

The atmosphere in the arena was amazing, flags from many countries being waved including ones from countries that didn’t make the final, nice to see those who stayed on to support the show, personally I didn’t see a poor performance.

Once again I must complain that many in the audience were the usual corporate people who managed to get free tickets and left the arena after the interval, true Eurovision fans would walk over hot coals to get tickets and stay till the end.

After all 26 countries performed, the 2004 winner Ruslana took to the stage to perform her new single, not a bad way to promote it in front of over 200 million worldwide. Our Ukrainian hosts this year were 3 males who I thought held the show together quite well and didn’t even burst into song like in previous years.

So the curtain comes down on Eurovision 2017 and fans, press, artists and delegates all head off to the airport looking tired and depressed that it’s all over, some have come straight from the aftershow party. Many fans have already booked their hotels for Lisbon 2018, Kyiv has been amazing so Portugal has a lot to live up too.

I’m sure in a dark room somewhere in Lisbon the head of Portuguese Television is already planning to make it bigger, better and more spectacular. See you all next year in Portugal.

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