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September 23, 2021

Air rally at Strejnic Aerodrome

Those who love motorized flights had the opportunity to see on Sunday a new aeronautical demonstration which participants watched breathless and with their eyes staring to the sky, as the organizers promised. We are talking about the air rally which took place at the Strejnic Aerodrome, near Ploiesti, Prahova County, where the access was free.

Thus, on the “Gheorghe Banciulescu” Aerodrome in Strejnic, was held the aeronautic demonstration entitled “Ploiesti Airshow2017”, organized by Aeroclubul Romaniei.

While last year the event was occasioned by celebrating 80 years since this aerodrome was founded, this year, “Memorial Cup – Gheorghe Militaru” was organized.

Specifically, Aeroclubul Romaniei together with the Superior Civil Aviation School organized a regular flight and accurate landing contest. The regular flight was conducted on the route Strejnic – Pitesti – Banesti – Strejnic with the training taking place on May 12. The contest was organized on three aircraft categories: airplanes, ultra-light aircrafts and motorized gliders; the participants were sportsmen certified by Aeroclubul Romaniei and by other clubs, such as private pilots; the organizers mentioned that the solo participation on board of the aircraft or participation within a crew (pilot and navigator) are allowed.

Organizers announced that particularly if the weather will get warm, they expect as many spectators as possible to watch the dance of the aircrafts on the sky. For instance, last year, considering that the organized event also celebrated 80 years of existence of this aerodrome, more than 8,000 people participated to the demonstrations. Specifically, 50 pilots made airborne acrobatics with gliders and sailplanes, flight with motorized ultra-light aircrafts, at the “Ploiesti Airshow 2016” held at Strejnic; the event also included hot air balloon flights and parachute jumps. At one of these jumps, three paratroopers jumped from an altitude of 1,800 meters, flying in the air a Romanian flag of 500 square meters. The tricolor flag was made of special materials by the paratroopers of Aeroclubul Romaniei, its production lasting about two years, given that several resistance tests were necessary before the official launch.


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