Former President Iliescu, former PM Roman at General Prosecutor office for Mineriad case

Former President Ion Iliescu appeared on Monday, at the General Prosecutor’s office, in order to be head by military prosecutors in the June 1990 miners’ riots case.

Former Prime Minister Petre Roman also appeared on Monday morning at the headquarters of the General Prosecutor’s office.

According to sources in the judiciary, Ion Iliescu and Petre Roman were called by prosecutors to be informed of the extension of criminal investigation, as they were charged in December 2016 with crimes against humanity.

Ion Iliescu stayed for around half an hour in the headquarters and made no statements upon his exist.

Among several investigated in “the Mineriad” case are the following persons: former President Ion Iliescu, former Prime Minister Petre Roman, former Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Virgil Magureanu, former Deputy Chairman of the National Salvation Front, former Deputy of Romania’s Prosecutor General and Chief of the Military Prosecution Directorate General (in reserve) Mugurel Cristian Florescu.

Military prosecutors claim that in the period 11 – 15 June 1990, the defendants have decided, organized and coordinated “a generalized and systematic attack,” launched against the civil population, against the manifestations in the University Square in Bucharest respectively, as well as against the population residing in Bucharest, an attack which involved the participation of armed forces of the Interior Ministry (MAI), National Defence Ministry (MApN), Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), as well as a number of over ten thousand miners and other workers from multiple areas of the country.

The alleged attack, prosecutors say, had the following consequences: the killing of four persons by shooting and the wounding of three others by the same means; harming the physical or psychical integrity of 1,269 persons; deprivation of freedom, for political reasons, of a total number of 1,242 persons.

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