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May 17, 2022

UDMR Congress adopts a strategic document: We wish Bucharest not to impose us any standard

The Congress of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) adopted on Saturday, at Zalau, a strategic document regarding the party’s priorities for the next two years.

According to the strategic document adopted on Saturday by the UDMR Congress at Zalau, Hungarians wish higher responsibilities and increased decisional powers at the level of the local authorities. Thus, Hungarians in Transylvania wish to have the power to decide in all the matters related to them, and not to have standards imposed by the Bucharest authorities.

“Transylvania’s development and progress guarantee our future’s security. We wish to have a decent life on our home lands, and to build a secure future to our descendants. This means well-paid jobs, a competitive Hungarian educational system, sustainable development, keeping our community’s values. Otherwise, our children will emigrate, and we have no future in Transylvania without them. We wish to have the power to decide in all the matters related to us, and not to have standards imposed by the Bucharest authorities. We wish higher responsibilities and increased decisional powers at the level of the local authorities. We wish to build well-prepared and powerful local communities, who can exploit the development opportunities” reads the quoted document.

The strategic document mentions that UDMR is the only political force who appreciate that Transylvania’s development is a priority and who advocates for a wide decentralization and regional autonomy.

UDMR also requests that the Constitution has to recognize the Hungarian community as a constitutive element of the state, claiming that a social contract is needed to be concluded with the Romanian majority, based on the Resolution from Alba Iulia since 1918.

According to the strategic document, the centenary of the Great Union must mean for Hungarians a series of new opportunities, and not dangers.

UDMR representatives stated that Hungarians have to prepare themselves for celebrating 100 years since the Great Union, “not as the upset guests who are not invited”, but by saying loud and clear that the only thing they wish is that the promises made in 1918 have to be one hundred percent respected.

“We want to be citizens with equal rights of this country, to have the possibility to unrestrictedly use our mother tongue and our national symbols, we wish our traditions to be respected to decide by ourselves in the matters related to us, because we were a community of this country who generated values in the last one hundred years” the strategic document also reads.


Kelemen Hunor: Romanians and Hungarians cannot be enemies


The President of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), Kelemen Hunor (photo), stated at the Union’s Congress held in Zalau that there are premises for restoring the partnership and the trust between Romania and Hungary, saying that “Romanians and Hungarians cannot be enemies”.

“We always appreciated that the relationship between Romania and Hungary must be a partnership, a relationship based on trust. Although lately this relationship couldn’t be characterized this way, the will of reconciliation fortunately exists. The clear intention of both parties to return to a relationship based on trust is obvious, therefore there will be a more intense dialogue between the two countries. I wish this thing to happen. We have here a large community who wish to last, who wants a peaceful cohabitation. We can provide support to this end, if needed, because Romanians and Hungarians cannot be enemies, and the good neighborliness and partnership will also influence the future of the next generations” Kelemen Hunor stated in the opening of the 13th UDMR Congress, attended by 800 delegates and 200 guests.

Kelemen commented the motto if the Congress, “Nunquam Retro” (Never step back), saying that “this is not a battle cry, it is not against anyone. It is an urge for us to continue what we’ve started many years ago, to keep going on. This urge addresses to the Hungarian community, to its ability to continue to exist in the last 100 years”.

The UDMR President Kelemen Hunor presented the message for the opening of the Congress to the delegates, the political activity report and the strategic document that was subject to the Congress’s approval.

At the same time, a draft amending the party’s Statute was subject to the vote. The most important amendment refers to a mandatory quota of 15% for the women’s representation in UDMR’s county and central structures. Today, 18% of the Alliance’s deputies are women, but none of them is a member of the group in the Senate.

UDMR’s Women Organization also submitted to the approval a draft resolution entitled “Violence against women is a matter concerning the community, not just the victim!”. Two other resolutions were also subject to the vote: “Safe future for the rural areas in Transylvania” and “Minority SafePack – a European tool for the defense of the Hungarian community’s rights”.


“The rule of law and the democracy don’t function in Romania”


The UDMR President Kelemen Hunor appreciates that the rule of law and the democracy doesn’t function in Romania, and there is no separation of powers, given that there are overlaps in the prerogatives and attributions of the powers in the state, leading to abuses.

Kelemen Hunor stated in the political report presented at the UDMR Congress in Zalau, that the Parliament, the courts and the Government entered a competition whose result is to give a winner who owns the absolute truth, which is not right, according to the Mediafax correspondent.

“We must identify the challenges we face and the solutions. The most serious problem in 2017, the picture we see is disappointing. Rule of law and democracy doesn’t function, there is no separation of powers in Romania, because there are many overlaps in the prerogatives and attributions of the powers in the state, and there are many abuses because of the lack of the separation of powers. The Parliament, the courts and the Government seem to have entered a competition, a battle aiming to have the result of giving a winner who owns the absolute truth, which is not good at all, because this causes chaos, intimidation and the complete lack of a functional and effective rule of law. You never know what will happen tomorrow in Romania” Kelemen stated.

He said that Hungarians are interested in a functional and democratic rule of law in Romania, a state where the powers are separated, and the minorities’ rights are not just put on a paper, but they are also real.

UDMR’s leader underlined that the Union will continue to make efforts to build the rule of law and the citizens’ freedom in Romania.

“We had unpleasant experiences, the force institution have been used against us, the state institutions have been oriented against us, the courts were oriented against us. We obviously must keep going on the chosen way, to build a democratic and free society, in which such abuse cannot repeat. (…) It is an absolutely absurd tragedy of all that is going on in the context of using our national symbols, there are pending trials against our community’s important personalities, they are invented, political cases which are not related to clear cases of corruption” Kelemen Hunor stated.


Hungary’s Deputy PM: There should be more connection bridges between the two countries


Hungarian Deputy PM Semjen Zsolt, chairman of the Christian Democratic Party, at the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Congress in Zalau on Saturday, said that there should be more connection bridges between Romania and Hungary and very good relations between the two countries.

“There should be much more bridges connecting the two countries, there have truly been very, very good relations between the two countries. We have managed to unblock community funds, we have managed to absorb those funds in the trans-border areas and other areas, we have managed to cooperate and we are indeed meant to work together, to cooperate, and I want to tell you once more: our hand is extended to you. We must look a little into our soul, our conscience, I believe that Hungary has gone through very many difficulties along history. We have managed to make that step, to overcome all difficulties, all misunderstandings, for instance the one we had with Serbia. There has been a very tensed, very complicated relation, and here you see that we have managed to get to the right track the relations with Serbia, there is cultural autonomy in Serbia for Hungarians, there are economic development projects,” Semjen Zsolt said.

Hungary’s Deputy PM believes that, same as his country has managed to develop relations with other neighbouring states, it can also have a cooperation relation based on confidence with Romania.

“If we managed to do this thing with our Serbian friends, we’ll definitely be able to have the same successful results with Romania. Or how our relations with Slovakia have come back to normal after a period of long tensions, we have managed to get those relations, too, on the right track. I have the following conviction: it is clear that we must cooperate with Romania, we must normalise, redevelop these relations. We have, as I was saying, our hand extended, we have a role and you have a role. We are interested in making the relations efficient, re-thinking the relations of cooperation based on confidence between the two countries,” Semjen Zsolt underscored.


Liviu Dragnea’s message to UDMR: Maybe we will convince you to vote the PSD candidate in the presidential elections of 2019


The PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated at the UDMR Congress that he wishes a more tight cooperation with the Alliance and that he hopes that Hungarians will vote for the first time the PSD candidate in the presidential elections of 2019.

Being invited at the UDMR Congress, Liviu Dragnea stated in the speech he held in front of the delegates that PSD and UDMR should strengthen their cooperation at the parliamentary level. “We have decided to have a parliamentary cooperation which proves to be effective, and yet I believe we should see if there is appropriate to make the next step. You don’t necessarily have to decide during this congress, but we have to thin at this” stated the Social Democrat leader.

Dragnea says that strengthening this cooperation could be made by the support provided by the Hungarians in Romania to the PSD candidate in the presidential elections of 2019.

“We know very well that the members of your community haven’t voted a PSD candidate in the presidential elections until now, but I believe there must be a beginning for everything. We haven’t decided on our candidate yet, but maybe we will convince you until 2019 that our candidate must be voted by you” Liviu Dragnea stated.


Iohannis: UDMR has been, is and will remain main pillar of democratic construction in Romania


The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) has been, is and will definitely remain for a long time a main pillar of the democratic construction in our country, President Klaus Iohannis said, in a message sent to the UDMR’s 13th Congress on Saturday.

“Democracy isn’t a terminus point, a destination, but a path. We have walked this path together, Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, members of other national minorities, all Romania’s citizens, all willing to live in an open society, plural, tolerant and of course prosperous. UDMR has successfully represented over this years the Hungarian community, at the same time participating in the governing act together with all Romania’s important parties,” the head of state points out in the message presented in the Congress by presidential adviser Laurentiu Stefan.

Klaus Iohannis wished the participants in the Congress to manage to build the most performing and modern political organisation of Romania and relaunch, together with the other political parties, a race “on who proposes for public offices people as upright, professional and devoted to the country and their communities.”

The President highlighted in his message the “entirely special” importance that the UDMR decision has in drawing a strategic direction in the coming years.

He also hailed the “substantial” participation of the UDMR representatives in the presidential committee for the country project.

According to Iohannis, the UDMR presence in Parliament and the collaboration with the other political forces have led, since the Revolution, both to the promotion of the interests of Hungarians of Romania and to the democratic consolidation and Euro-Atlantic integration of Romania.


PM Grindeanu invites UDMR to be partner in infrastructure development programme


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on Saturday sent the UDMR representatives the invitation to be partners in the programme of infrastructure development and adopting in Parliament the draft aimed at increasing the revenues in the public area.

The Prime Minister’s message was read in the opening of the UDMR Congress by PM adviser Molnar Zsolt.

“The Government I am heading, through the governance programme, has assumed the role of developing Romania and providing all citizens a better living standard. In this sense, I invite you to be our partners in that wide programme of infrastructure development, through which we want to fund the modernisation of localities in Romania. At the same time, we have assumed a draft on increasing the revenues in the public area and I am convinced that through this demarche we’ll be able to improve the daily life of millions of families in Romania. I also plead for UDMR’s support in this respect to pass this draft in Romania’s Parliament as soon as possible”.

In context, the PM said that he expects the UDMR representatives’ proposals on all levels of the public administration.

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