“Wine Marathon” in Urlati, the first Mountain Bike charity competition in Romania

In Urlati, Prahova County, on the hills, in the vineyards and wine cellars in the area, this weekend, there was an event combining the healthy life style and the wish to support others, to whom life wasn’t friendly. We’re talking about the “Wine Marathon”, the first Mountain Bike charity competiton in Romania.

On Saturday, May 13, 2017, in Prahova, in Urlaţi, the “Wine Marathon” – the first Mountain Bike charity competition in Romania – took place. Being at the seventh edition, the competition took place among the hills, vineyards and wine cellars in the area. The race is of the XCO type and consisted of several tours of about 18 km. In addition to the two competitive routes of 36 km (two laps) and 54 km (three laps), as at last year’s edition, the participants could also opt for a third variant: a single lap of 18 km, no timekeeping and no podium, recommended for less experienced cyclists. There was also included a children’s route of about 4 km, specially arranged in the surroundings of Urlati and in the Bellu mansion’s garden. Since cycling is a sport for the whole family, the 10-kilometer tour existed this year, too, free of charge, being accessible to everyone: to children, parents or grandparents.

Part of the profit gained at the Wine Marathon 2017 will be donated to the “Bucuria Ajutorului” Foundation in Urlati, given that since the first year, the “Wine Marathon” wanted to combine the promotion of cycling as a healthy and ecologic lifestyle with the charity action, by donating part of the profit obtained from the event to the above mentioned foundation.

Founded in 2012 at the initiative of a priest in the city, the Foundation “Bucuria Ajutorului” wants to prevent school abandon and social exclusion of children in difficulty by offering social, educational, and psychological services to 25 children in the area. Children come every day at “Sf. Stelian” Day Center belonging to this foundation, where they receive food, clothing and school materials and are helped to do their homework in a warm and friendly environment created by passionate volunteers.

The day center has its own farmhouse with an orchard, a garden with vegetables, poultry and animals, including a pony which children love very much. Last year, the foundation benefited from the support of the Wine Marathon with the amount of EUR 1,100, used to build a football field finalized before the Easter holidays.

Few years ago, these children were subject to the risk of abandoning, but now they love to come and do their homework, eat and play in this center.



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