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January 19, 2022

Catarama when filing his candidacy: If I’m elected, PNL will agree with gay marriages. I’m PNL’s little Trump

Viorel Catarama filed his candidacy for the National Liberal Party’s (PNL) presidency on Tuesday, in the presence of three supporters, and stated he wants to register the success that Donald Trump registered in the U.S. elections, pointing out that if he becomes the party’s future leader the Liberals will agree with “homosexual marriages and these families adopting children.”

“If I’m elected, PNL will agree with homosexual marriages and will agree with these families adopting children. I’m making this statement based on Christian morality – the right-wing’s foundation stone – and I can justify this statement. (…) We are Christians, the Bible is our fundamental book. The Bible says God made man and endowed him with certain qualities. Homosexuals have this orientation not because it’s cool but because that’s how they are, that’s what they feel. God allowed these people to have this orientation, it’s not a disease that can be treated, it’s a given. If God allowed these people to exist, how can a mortal come up and disagree with what God said or with what God did,” Viorel Catarama said.

Regarding the fact that he was accompanied by only three supporters when filing his motion, while his contenders Ludovic Orban and Cristian Busoi were accompanied by dozens of party members endorsing them, Catarama said it would have been pointless for people to take the day off and come to Bucharest “for a group photo.”

“I could easily have come with 100 or 200 supporters, for a family photo. Those who back me are working hard and I concluded there’s no point in them taking paid or unpaid leave to come to Bucharest for a group photo,” Catarama explained.

Likewise, in the same context, he emphasised that he finds it “immoral” for a party branch to endorse a candidate before he presents his motion.

“This has to do with certain immorality that exists within PNL, persons who back persons, branches that back persons. It went so far that a branch publicly stated it endorses a certain motion without that motion being presented or read. It’s a clear example of immorality within a political party. (…) I find it immoral to have a say on an issue you don’t know. It means that, in fact, we give persons our vote based on criteria such as height, weight, colour of the eyes. Based on these criteria, being 1.93 metres tall, having green eyes and a beautiful wife, I’m probably not accepted for the time being. But this isn’t what matters. The ideas and a leader’s capacity to lead PNL to victory is what matters,” the Liberal said.

Catarama added that he wants to register the success that Donald Trump registered in the U.S. presidential elections, stating that he is “PNL’s little Trump at this moment.”

“I’m an independent man. At this moment, I have a slightly better start than Donald Trump had in America. I want to have the success that Donald Trump had in America, because I know this is the path to follow – we must no longer make compromises, we must assume our ideology and fight for our ideology and for our electorate. I’m PNL’s little Trump at this moment. For the time being my activity takes place within PNL, and PNL’s goal is to back President Iohannis in winning another term,” Viorel Catarama pointed out.

Viorel Catarama also stated that if he wins he will cancel all the debt that the private media owes, pointing out that he finds it unacceptable for the public broadcaster “to consume dozens and hundreds of millions of euros, not to pay taxes to the state budget, while the private media works in the condition it’s working in and is discriminated.”

“There is discrimination at the level of the press, between the state-owned press – the Romanian Television – and the private press. Some are fuelled with public funds, some are in great suffering. One of the first decisions we will adopt the moment we will be able to adopt these decisions will be to cancel all the debts of the private press, to make a general reset, and in the future press owners should no longer be able to have influence in a press organ’s editorial leadership. I find it absolutely unacceptable for the Romanian Television to consume dozens and hundreds of millions of euros, not to pay taxes to the state budget, while the private press works in the conditions it is working in and is discriminated. They should all be the same. After that nobody in the state-owned press will get one penny from the state budget, because there are private television broadcasters. (…) We place it on equal footing with the state-owned press and afterward let’s leave them all to work independently, make profit or die,” Catarama stated.

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