KINOdiseea is back !

After bringing the most latest, beloved and appreciated films for children to the audience in the last eight years, films that have been awarded at international festivals and acclaimed by the most critics who rarely come to the Romanian cinemas, KINOdiseea, one of the largest film festivals for the young audience in Central and South-Eastern Europe, returns for the first time this year with an intermediate edition during the „ Scoala Altfel” series of events.

The festival will is held from 15 to 21 May, both in Bucharest, at the Romanian Peasant Museum Cinema and at the Hollywood Multiplex, as well as in Arad, at Cinema Arta, Cluj, at Dacia Cinema and in Pitesti, at Cinema Trivale.

At KINOdiseea Altfel, the audience has the opportunity to (re) see the award-winning films in the previous years, as well as the premieres on the screens in Romania.

In Bucharest, there can be watched two projections per day, from Monday to Friday at the Peasant’s Museum Cinema, from 10:00 to 12:00, and a projection per day at the Hollywood Multiplex.

The best film at KINOdiseea 2016, Blanka (photo), winner of the Fribourg International Film Festival, Kolkata International Film Festival and the prestigious Venice Film Festival, tells the story of an 11-year-old girl who survives alone in Manila, begging and stealing from tourists. One day she comes up with an absurd idea: if she were able to buy a mother, she could have a better life. But she has to make some huge efforts to raise enough money. Blanka runs for three times in the two locations in Bucharest.

In a seaside town, Sosuke, a five-year-old boy, lives up on a cliff where the view is fabulous. One morning, Sosuke discovers Ponyo, a goldfish with his head caught in a jam jar. Saved by the boy, Ponyo is becoming more and more fascinated by him, and she would not go away, but Fujimoto, her father, a wizard who lives on the bottom of the sea, forces her to return home. “I want to become a human,” shouts Ponyo, and the Fujimoto’s anger no longer knows the edge.

By far the most awarded film in KINOdiseea, with no less than 5 awards won in the year of debut at the Tokyo Anime Award t and participations awarded in 15 other film festivals, Ponyo, Hayao Miyazaki’s magic story can be watched  both during the week and in the weekend in Bucharest, at the Peasant’s Museum Cinema and at the Hollywood Multiplex.

The Contest, winner of the Best Film and the Audience Award at KINOdiseea 2014 tells how not only the greatest musical talent is sought in Denmark, but also two missing children, Karl, who moved to Copenhagen from his grandparents’ village and Sawsan, a littleTurkish girl whose great desire is to participate in the TV talent contest.

In Cluj and Arad, the audience can watch Anca Miruna Lazarescu’s movie “On the Road with Dad”, released in cinemas at the beginning of the year. It’s the story of two brothers who back in 1968, try to save their father’s life taking him for a surgery in the Federal republic of Germany. The film manages to carry us in the middle of the events when the trip of the these three heroes is interrupted by the Russian tanks and the immense tension of this fate of destiny threatens their relationship so volatile.

Also, all the nostalgic fans have the opportunity to review with the little ones the classic Disney movies like “The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “The Jungle Book “and the “Hunchback of Notre Dame”, some unforgettable movies that have enjoyed the childhood of many generations.

KINOdiseea is organized by the Metropolis Cultural Association, with the support of the National Center for Cinematography, the Arad Municipal Cultural Center, Arad City Hall, Cluj-Napoca City Hall, the Cluj-Napoca Local Council.


About KINOdiseea


KINOdiseea is the largest film festival for the children in Central and South-Eastern Europe, both as the number of films and as the number of viewers. The festival is recognized internationally by the most important association for the promotion of children’s films, ECFA – the European Children’s Film Association. In the eight editions, the festival had over 60,000 participants, and for three years it is among the four film festivals for the young public in Europe that enjoy the Media support from Creative Europe.


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