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December 10, 2022

ANAF response on taxes owed by Iohannis on income from private lessons: 1990-1999 data archived, no such source of income after 2000. Vosganian: Answer leaves room for interpretations

The National Tax Authority (ANAF) responded to Lower Chamber lawmaker Varujan Vosganian’s query about taxes that President Klaus Iohannis paid on income obtained from private lessons, explaining that the 1990-1999 data has not been digitalised and can be found at the National Archives, while the President’s income statements did not outline any income from this source after 2000, the year he became mayor. ALDE’s lawmaker stated for News.ro that the answer is “predictable” and “leaves room for interpretations.”

According to ANAF’s answer, sent after Varujan Vosganian lodged his query in January, there is no digitalised information on the period up to 1999, and ANAF “no longer holds data on the income and taxes paid by natural persons.”

“The documents concerning income statements for the 1990-1999 period (archived starting in 2000), were handed over to the National Archives, being removed from the fiscal authorities’ archive because they exceed the 10-year storage period,” reads the response that Vosganian received.

ANAF points out that, starting with 2000, the year when data started to be digitalised, there is info on the salary income registered by Klaus and Carmen Iohannis. Apart from salary income, in 2000 they also started registering income from rents, interest, dividends, copyright, but not from personal lessons.

Klaus Iohannis was elected Sibiu Mayor in 2000.

ANAF also states that Iohannis does not have a Single Registration Code in the FISC NET application and “does not appear in fiscal records as obtaining income from independent activities, namely from the ‘other forms of education’ activity (NACE Code 8559 for the post-2000 period).”

“In his statements on income registered in Romania (Code 200), filed for the 2000-2015 period, the natural person did not register income from the ‘other forms of education’ activity (private lessons),” ANAF points out.

In what concerns the request to analyse the veracity of the President’s statements regarding the purchase of homes with money obtained by giving private lessons, the institution pointed out that “the information exceeds ANAF’s prerogatives.”

Contacted by News.ro, lawmaker Varujan Vosganian stated that ANAF’s letter does not offer clear answers.

“I find it to be a predictable answer through which ANAF is trying to cover all angles. On one hand, to give me an answer, and on the other hand not to give me an answer, because it is in fact an answer in which ANAF is telling me not to count on ANAF, in which it says it does not have sufficient data on this and that after 2000, the period on which they have data, Mr Iohannis does not have any income statement that includes income from private lessons,” he said.

Varujan Vosganian stated that the answer “leaves any interpretation open.” Asked whether he considers the answer incomplete and there is more information that ANAF did not present, the lawmaker said this is an area of speculation.

ALDE’s Varujan Vosganian stated in January that he asked the Finance Ministry and ANAF to run an assessment on the incomes registered and taxes paid by President Iohannis and to confirm whether the Head of State could have bought several homes with income obtained from private lessons.


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