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June 30, 2022

Iohannis: CSAT’s axing from DGPI head’s appointment an error, I’ll eventually notify Constitutional Court

The adoption by the Senate of the OUG (Emergency Ordinance of the Government – ed. n.) on the General Directorate of Internal Protection (DGPI) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) by which the opinion of the Supreme Council for Country Defence (CSAT) is axed from the appointment and dismissal from office of the DGPI head is an error, said on Thursday the Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, adding that eventually he will attack the said decision to the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR).

“This is outrageous, it’s an error, a mistake, as you wish. As long as the institution is militarised it cannot operate without an opinion from the CSAT. Period. And, no matter what the Senate or the Chamber of Deputies wish, this is how the bodies operate in Romania, according to the Constitution and if this solution is maintained, which is unconstitutional, in my opinion, obviously the case will be lodged to the Constitutional Court. (…) Eventually, I’ll attack it myself to the CCR, but for now we wait for the Parliament to come to its senses and enter normalcy,” Iohannis said at the Cotroceni Palace.

He went on by saying that this piece of legislation has been adopted by the Senate in this shape due to political reasons. “I can see here a political reason on the Social Democratic Party (PSD)’s behalf. It is obvious enough after the case with the ANCOM, now the case with this MAI’s service, the PSD is trying to eliminate the institution of the President, the CSAT respectively, from certain procedures. It’s an error,” he added.

President Iohannis also commented on the project through which the head of the state is axed from the chief prosecutors’ appointment procedure.

“So far I’ve noticed that the process was halted and perhaps the initiators do come to their senses in this matter, too,” said the president.


“I believe a threshold of damage is not appropriate to be set”, says president Iohannis on abuse of office


President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday asserted that it is not appropriate for a threshold of the damage to be set as regards the abuse of office.

“I believe that it is not appropriate to set a threshold and also that it is not possible for a threshold to be established. In fact, the abuse of office is either committed or not committed. Or, if it occurred then the justice will certainly be able to assess what the respective sanction must contain,” said Iohannis, at the Cotroceni presidential Palace.

In his opinion, the introduction of a threshold “regardless of the way it is calculated, would be arbitrary and of no help.”

“I don’t believe a threshold could be established,” concluded Iohannis.


“Measles epidemic is  a catastrophe, vaccination must be mandatory”


President Klaus Iohannis also stated on Thursday that the measles epidemic is a catastrophe, accusing systemic mistakes of the Ministry of Health.

“We have about 5,000 cases of measles and 26 deaths according to the latest data we received. It’s a catastrophe, it’s an epidemic and it’s a catastrophe. So it is not worth asking whether there is good management of the situation. But to be extremely fair, I wouldn’t just want to accuse this minister and the current team. Here we are dealing with systemic mistakes, and I think we need to see how we can do things better. I believe that, in the meantime, everyone has understood that it is not possible to continue without vaccination and then it is clear that we’re going back to a topic that we have brought into discussion many times, and that is prevention. Such epidemic need to be prevented by systematic, mandatory, efficient and well-organized vaccination on behalf of the Ministry of Health. For many years now we have not had such a thing and here we have catastrophic results now,” specified Iohannis at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He said he supports compulsory vaccination.

“I notice that at the level of the Government, they are slowly becoming aware of the gravity of this situation and I hope they come up with a policy in this area to solve the problem for a long time, because here we are not talking about solving it for a month or for this epidemic, which in fact, hasn’t appeared now, it has sprung since September 2016 and it is clear that Romania needs a clear policy in the field of vaccination. Vaccination is needed, and then such epidemic will no longer occur (…). I think vaccination must be mandatory and must be carried out in some campaigns that are, including broadcast in the media, supported and explained to people,” the head of state said.

President Iohannis stressed that those political leaders who argued that vaccines are harmful should be better informed.

“I remind you that even the World Health Organization has a campaign in this regard and I have had a very recent discussion with WHO High Representatives on this issue. It is somewhat paradoxical, because Romania had solved this problem. My generation didn’t know such epidemic, they have reappeared because either these vaccination campaigns haven’t been carried out or they have not been done properly,” he added.

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