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April 12, 2021

RCS&RDS managing director Serghei Bulgac, prosecuted for money laundering

Serghei Bulgac, at the time of the act managing director of RCS&RDS is prosecuted by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) for money laundering, in a criminal file investigating the way the ceding of the League I football matches’ TV broadcast rights took place.

“The prosecutors with the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) – the Section for Fighting Crime Assimilated to Corruption Offenses have finalised the procedure for bringing the accusation to the other individuals and legal entities under investigation – SC RCS&RDS SA, in terms of committing bribery and money laundering offenses, and SC Bodu SRL, in terms of committing accessory to bribe taking and money laundering,” reads a DNA release on Wednesday.

On 5 May, the anti-corruption prosecutors have disposed the beginning of the prosecution and a 60-day court control measure against Dumitru Dragomir, former president of the Football Professional League (LPF), charged with bribe taking and accessory to money laundering.

The said prosecutors have also disposed in the same criminal file the furthering of the prosecution against Ioan Bendei – at the time of the act administrator of a cable TV company, for money laundering and bribe giving, Alexandru Oprea – at the time of the act the managing director and the president of the Board of the same cable TV company, for accessory to bribe giving, Mihai Dinei – at the time of the act the coordinator of the legal activity of the same cable TV company, for accessory to bribe giving and accessory to money laundering, Florin Bogdan Badita – at the time of the act administrator of a commercial company, for accessory to bribe taking money laundering, as well as against Bogdan Dumitru Dragomir – at the time of the act the single associate of the same commercial company, for accessory to bribe taking and accessory to money laundering.

“From April 2009 to May 2011, the defendant Dumitru Dragomir (…) has claimed for EUR 3.5 million (of which he received EUR 3.1 million) from the suspect Bendei Ioan, administrator of a cable TV company, with the aim to both fulfill and to not fulfill acts regarding his job duties, as well as to accomplish acts opposite to these. The said money was claimed and received by the defendant Dumitru Dragomir in the context of executing an assignment contract of the broadcast rights of the League I football matches inked on 8.04.2008 between LPF and the consortium made up of two commercial companies, among which the company administrated by suspect Bendei Ioan,” the DNA release says.

The sum of money was subsequently masked under the form of some payments made within a joint venture agreement closed between a company controlled by Dumitru Dragomir and the cable TV company.

Prosecutors specify that LPF organised in 2008 an auction to cede the broadcast rights of the League I football matches in the competition seasons 2008 – 2009, 2009 – 2010 and 2010 – 2011, and the consortium made of the two companies was declared a winner, the price being ruled at EUR 101,150,000, VAT included.

“The long of 2009, during the economic crisis, the association of companies asked LPF to be granted more advantageous contract conditions. Considering these circumstances, the defendant Dumitru Dragomir, following his own interest, foreseen in the imminent nonfulfilment of the contract obligations of the consortium, asked the representatives of the cable TV company to enter a business partnership with a company he was controlling,” reads the DNA release.

According to DNA, in order to determine Dragomir to advocate the interests of the cable TV company, the company controlled by the LPF president and represented by the suspect Badita Florin-Bogdan has signed with the company administered by Ioan Bendei, on 15 August 2009, a joint venture contract. The contents of the contract has been thus conceived to create the appearance of a typical association and mask as good as possible the bribe giving and taking.

From the investigation results that, based on that contract, the cable TV company paid the company controlled by Dragomir in the period from 18.08.2009 to 10.05.2011, in 27 tranches, EUR 3,100,000. Subsequently, in 2015 – 2016, the parties involved in the signing of the joint venture agreement have acted to hide the money illicit origin.

“Thus several contracts were inked, the parties being exclusively preoccupied to give the joint venture agreement a licit character, in particular as regards the sum of EUR 3,100,000, paid in the above mentioned conditions. These operations, that have unfolded until 2016 have eventually led to the purchase by the cable TV company of the business that stayed at the grounds of the association contract,” the DNA release adds.

Prosecutors also say that in this criminal approach were also involved the other suspects, who were aware and knew the details of the agreement, have drafted and signed various documents.

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