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June 25, 2022

German ambassador Meier-Klodt : Culture is at highest communication level between Romania, Germany

Romania and Germany are two very close countries, with their highest communication level attained in culture, which shows a change in mentalities, Germany’s ambassador in Bucharest Cord Meier-Klodt said Thursday.

Meier-Klodt attended a video anniversary performance at the National Museum of Contemporary Arts (MNAC) in Bucharest called “50-25-10 Ia”, mounted by Vlaicu Golcea, Mihai Pacurar and Oscar Loeser.

“This year is a very special one to our relationships. We celebrate three important jubilees: 50 years since the resumption of diplomatic ties, the 25th anniversary of a friendship treaty, and, the third anniversary, 10 years since Romania joined the European Union,” the ambassador said.

He underscored the importance of culture to diplomatic ties. “We are celebrating these events at a political level; we are celebrating what has already happened at the level of the local German minority and also at an economic level. Personally, I believe that the most important level is the cultural level. Form this level, we talk about mentalities, what has changed over time at a mental and emotional level,” he added.

The ambassador also shared his impressions of Romania’s developments 10 years after becoming an EU member. He said Romania has followed a positive track, but there are currently some problems as well.

“I have discussed that. I agree that we have to continue on the same track, which I find very important. All understand that the track over the past 10 years has been positive, leading to a common Europe,” added the ambassador.

He also mentioned the choice of the venue to host the “50-25-10 Ia” happening.

“I arrived in Bucharest four months ago when I saw this place – the National Museum of Contemporary Arts in the former People’s House, now Parliament Palace. I found it to be the best venue for showcasing what has happened, what has changed. We are here. This young, modern, active and creative world is more obvious than any political dialogue,” said the diplomat.

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