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October 28, 2020

Draft law: Finally convicted persons cannot run for the President any longer

Finally convicted persons could be banned from running in presidential and parliamentary elections. This could happen if an initiative belonging to the PNL Senator Alina Gorghiu will receive the vote of her colleagues in the Parliament. One of those who could be affected by the draft law is Liviu Dragnea, who was sentenced to two years of suspended prison, in the “Referendum” case.

Alina Gorghiu says that the idea came to her after the Constitutional Court rejected the appeal submitted by the Ombudsman for the law banning the convicted persons to hold positions into the Government.

“Somebody who is finally convicted shouldn’t be a benchmark or a model for anybody in the Romanian society, which is why such a person shouldn’t hold any public dignity position. I don’t want to refer at all to Mr. Dragnea, because I don’t make draft laws for him” Gorghiu stated.

Liberal leaders are supporting the draft law, even they admit that it could encounter constitutional problems, and even other colleagues in Parliament deem the approach as a totally populist initiative.

Victor Ponta, PSD MP: This politics, populism, generally speaking. Since the court doesn’t decide in a different way, why should I decide in a different way?

Dan Barna, USR MP: We appreciate that it’s a populist and opportunistic approach, given that the public debate that USR has launched on this subject has made it very clear that in order not to fall into the unconstitutionality of national legislation, it is important that the approach is consistent. We see that PNL has opted for this news direction, which unfortunately has no consistency.

“The draft law was assumed by deputies and senators, and I believe it is an important way to increase the level of the representativeness of the public office” stated Raluca Turcan, PNL Interim President, according to Digi24.

The Senate is the first notified chamber for this draft law.

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