PSD refuses to let FinMin speak in the plenary session of the Chamber on the Pay Law

“The subject is related to Olguta Vasilescu”


At a meeting last week of the Deputies’ Chamber leadership, the Liberals have requested the Finance Ministry Viorel Stefan to come on Monday in the plenary session, to discuss on the Pay Law’s sustainability, but PSD opposed this request by the vote, on the ground that he was in the plenary session of the Deputies’ Chamber less than one month ago. According to the transcript of the meeting, Social Democrats wanted Liberals to invite the Labor Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu instead.

From time to time, the ministers are invited in the plenary session of the Deputies’ Chamber, at “The Government’s Hour”, by rotation, by each of the parliamentary groups. For Monday, the invitation was to be made by PNL, that asked the Chamber’s leadership to invite the Finance Ministry Viorel Stefan to come and discuss on the “Pay Law’s sustainability”.

The Deputy Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber, Gabriel Vlase, said that it’s the second time in one month, according to the transcripts of the Permanent Bureau meeting, after Viorel Stefan also came in April, also when requested by PNL. Social Democrat Marcel Ciolacu announced that he cannot support the proposal, and it was rejected at the voting, with 3 “pros” and 7 “cons”. “Make another request”, Vlase asked the Liberals, who protested, along with USR, asking for a reason for this rejection.

“He was invited three weeks ago, and we believe it is…, but we will talk to the Minister, too, and we will subsequently give a written answer to the Permanent Bureau” argued Gabriel Vlase (PSD), according to News.ro.

“We can invite a minister every week, if there is an important issue to be debated. There is no rule that if he was invited three weeks ago, he cannot come again next week. It seems a… joke to me!” said the Liberal Victor Paul Dobre, who was vexed about this.

Social Democrats insisted that Liberals should invite the Labor Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu, on the ground that the pay system is related to this ministry.

“It seems to me that the subject is much related to the Labor Minister and I haven’t heard about any divergence between the Labor Ministry and the Finance Ministry” stated Marcel Ciolacu (PSD).

Liberals explained that the subject of the discussion will be the financial sustainability of the measures, and not the level of the salaries.

“The Unique Pay Law is submitted as a parliamentary initiative belonging to the PSD plus ALDE Parliamentary Group. It is not an initiative of the Romanian Government”, Social Democrats tried to argue through the Secretary Marcel Ciolacu.

“I cannot understand why PSD is firmly opposing the invitation made to a minister to come in Parliament. Either we are the Parliament, therefore the Government is obliged to answer to the Parliament’s invitations, or…” Liberal Victor Paul Dobre replied.

However, the Chairman of the meeting, Gabriel Vlase, closed the subject on the ground that a vote has already been passed, whereby PNL’s request was rejected.

But the problem wasn’t solved and it wasn’t decided who will attend “the Government’s Hour” on Monday, so the discussion will most likely be resumed in the Monday’s meeting of the Permanent Bureau.


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