BNR’s Vasilescu: Romania needs intelligent, wise and reality-oriented strategy

Romania is not ready for the Eurozone, but it needs several strategies, and with a deficit of 1 million homes an intelligent housing strategy, a wise one and in accordance with the reality is necessary, Strategy Consultant at the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Adrian Vasilescu believes.

“In regards to us, I believe that talking about a strategy of Romania, even in the Eurozone and leu sign or vice versa is a very important thing, but I believe that we are not prepared yet for such thing. After all I believe we need more strategies. Talks have been carried out about a housing strategy, but we have this gift: we light a wick, we leave it to burn a while, a week, a month, sometimes one year and then things die,” Adrian Vasilescu told a conference regarding Romania’s development strategy.

In his opinion, loaning is economy’s and welfare’s engine, although in the Romanian society there are many contradictory opinions in respect to loans, and one of these states that “banks in the period 2004/2005 – 2008 had a lot of money, they handed out loans, people took them and built numerous houses.” Vasilescu reveals though that opinions of this sort are not sustained by official numbers.

Vasilescu claims that Romania currently has a deficit of approximately one million homes, and for such deficit “an intelligent, wise and reality-oriented housing strategy” is needed.

“Maybe there are more or less, but the deficit stands here, around one million homes, and at such high deficit we definitely need a housing strategy, an intelligent one, wise, one that’s facing reality,” the Strategy Consultant with the BNR added.

Adrian Vasilescu attended on Wednesday the 3rd edition of the Conference called “Romania’s development strategy,” with the theme “Between Eurozone and leu sign,” an event that was organized by the Bursa press group.

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