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November 29, 2022

PM Grindeanu: Projects in infrastructure worth 3 billion lei being launched for tender

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu stated on Tuesday, at private TV broadcaster B1TV, that projects in the infrastructure area amounting to about 3 billion lei were launched for tender during this period.

The head of the Executive gave the example of the bridge across the Danube from Braila to Tulcea. “This bridge (…) has been the topic of discussions for 20 years. Not even once has it been launched for tender and we are talking about a bridge that can be built and will be built with European funds. It is put up for tender (…) it represents a bigger investment, an investment that, from the feasibility study of the Ministry of Transport, is worth half a billion euro,” Grindeanu said.

The premier mentioned that projects related to Bucharest and Timisoara ring roads, as well as to the motorway linking Pitesti to Craiova, were also launched.

According to the head of the Government, the tender for several segments of the Pitesti-Sibiu motorway will be launched in mid-June, with no extra money for engineers who “are back with their feet on the ground.” That is why we can launch section 1 and 5.

Grindeanu also reiterated that the draft law on strategic projects, which targets three areas – infrastructure, energy and defence is under way.


“Army endowment ongoing according to NATO strategy, yet we want defence industry’s revitalization”


The Head of the Executive also told B1TVprivate broadcaster that the Romanian Army’s endowment programmes will unfold in accordance with NATO strategy, based on the Parliament’s approval, and with the wish that most of the funds allocated to this field, RON 16 billion, respectively on 2017 to be invested for the national defence industry’s revitalisation.

“For the first time we have 2 percent (of the GDP – ed. n.) for Defence, budget loans, not commitment credits. (…) Which means that this is the first government to achieve what we have committed to many years ago. It is important to say it and it is not at all simple to directly give budget credits, not commitment ones, to give directly 2 percent for Defence, it hasn’t been easy,” Sorin Grindeanu told the private broadcaster.

He specified that the budget allocation for 2017 is “somewhere at over RON 16 billion.”

“On the other hand (…) most of this money to be invested not only this year, but also in the years to come I wish it is spent (…) to revitalise this extremely important domain, the national defence industry,” stressed Grindeanu.

He added that Romania cannot build missiles over night, but it is desirable that a part of the money allocated to the Army’s endowment returns as orders for the national defence industry through the offset system.


Grindeanu to request report of appointments in boards of state companies


Sorin Grindeanu announced that he would ask for a report of the appointments made in the boards of state companies, specifying that he had seen “notification” in the press in the last weeks.

Asked on what criteria the appointments in the boards of Energy state companies were made, Grindeanu replied: “It is not directly the Government’s prerogative. These things are carried out by the minister (…) Whether we are talking about Energy, or about any other ministry – Transport, the Ministry of Communications, to give another example, the Economy -, I have asked each of these ministers to choose the people they think fit to implement the vision of the Government they are part of and to unlock certain things.”

Grindeanu responded after the B1TV moderator stated that there are “many politicians” on the boards and that there should not be “secretaries, advisers and good-for-nothing.”

“I think there have been few cases of this kind, but I intend to ask for a report. (…) I admit that I have seen more notifications in the press in the past weeks. I sincerely admit that I allowed for this freedom, because my style of leadership is not to squeeze the minister every day, but to leave him/her free, to establish the guidelines and to check periodically if he/she has reached those goals, in observance of the law (…) The team, the state secretaries, the secretaries-general, the deputy secretaries-general, so that you know, I did not get involved into these things, and I do not think it’s the prime minister’s job to put together the teams in each ministry, affirmed Sorin Grindeanu.

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