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February 9, 2023

Public sector pay bill clears Senate

Senators adopted on Tuesday the Uniform Public Pay Law, in the form that was approved by the Labor Committee, and the law will be sent to the Deputies’ Chamber, which is the decisional body.

The draft law obtained 85 “pros”, 12 abstentions and 10 “cons”.

“The Romanian Parliament adopted the government program which provides a new Pay Law establishing average increases of 56% for the salaries and an additional wage bill of RON 32 billion in four years. The law was necessary to correct the dysfunctionalities in the pay system, which mean that: the manager of the institution doesn’t necessary have the highest salary. At the bottom of the pyramid, the salaries are very small, while at the top they are very high. In this regard, the new law provides as follows: a difference between the central, territorial and local administration, where the manager of the institution has the highest salary; correcting the salary dysfunctionalities according to the principle “same salary for the same work”, to which seniority and the level of the studies are added, according to the Labor Minister, Lia Vasilescu.

During the debates in the Labor Committee, Senators rejected a law text providing the recalculation of the special and military pensions; a different law will establish the way of calculation. The Labor Minister explained that the only structural change was made on the pay system of the local public administration, as a first step of decentralization.

“Salaries will be established according to the classification and the hierarchy, by the county and local councils, through decisions of the county and local councils. Pay attention, they will not be established by mayors or presidents of the county councils, but by the local and county councils. (…) The budgetary impact is of RON 32 billion by the year of 2020, namely RON 43 billion by 2022. There is no communication problem with MFP (Public Finance Ministry – e.n.) on this matter, as it was suggested. Both we and the Finance Ministry said the same thing” Vasilescu added.


PNL’s Turcan: Uniform public pay law improperly called uniform; we are not pleased


The Uniform Public Pay Law has come to be improperly called uniform and this law “will bear the brunt of wages increasing” under a government where the Social Democratic Party (PSD) will no longer be at rule, acting Chairperson of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Raluca Turcan stated on Tuesday, announcing that the Liberals are unhappy with the form in which this law left the Senate.

“Obviously we aren’t content with the uniform public pay law. The law has come to be improperly called uniform because in the first place salary discrepancies have been created between the same wage categories, the equity and performance principles are not observed, which should be ensured by the unitary public pay law. Also, I want for all the country to keep in mind one thing – the ones who blamed the former government that in an economic crisis period the wages were cut are basically the ones who currently in a period of economic balance are cutting several wages. Through the uniform public pay law several wages of the public local administration and not only are being cut,” Raluca Turcanu state at Parliament Palace.

According to her, there are already hundreds of people dissatisfied with the current form of the law.

“One cannot claim to support a good law, just as the PSD does it, as long as the number of people dissatisfied, who are preoccupied and concerned with this form of the law is increasing. Let’s not forget though, that through a law, pay increases are promised to many more salary categories in a governing period that doesn’t belong to the people who are issuing the current law. The uniform public pay law will bear the brunt of wages increasing under a government in which the PSD will no longer be at rule,” the PNL leader stated.


Draft of the Public Pay bill reaches the Deputies’ Chamber; the deadline for submitting the report is June 6


The draft law on the pay system of the employees remunerated from public funds reached the Deputies’ Chamber on Tuesday; the deadline for submitting the Committee’s report was established by the Permanent Bureau to be June 6.

The draft law was distributed to the Labor and Social Security Committee, in order to be debated on merits, and to the Budget, Finance and Banking Committee and to the legal Committee, for the necessary positive opinions.

“The deadline for submitting amendments is May 29, and the deadline for submitting the report is June 6” stated the Secretary of the Chamber, Ioana Bran, at the end of the Permanent Bureau’s meeting.


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