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January 20, 2022

Turcan on PNL’s 142nd anniversary: In difficult times, Liberals had strength to dust themselves off and move on

On Wednesday, PNL President Raluca Turcan wished party members ‘happy birthday’ on the 142nd anniversary of the establishment of PNL, telling them they can be proud of being members of the party that brought economic modernisation for Romanian society and equality of rights for Romanian citizens.

“PNL is nearing one century and a half of life and, despite this, it continues to grow young. PNL hasn’t changed its essence. It remains, in fact, the only profoundly optimistic political force, the only party that truly believes in the Romanians’ chances and capacity to build a modern, free and democratic future for themselves,” Raluca Turcan wrote on Facebook.

Turcan considers that, despite the alternation between eras of glory and eras of persecution, between superb victories and painful defeats, Liberals proved they have the strength to dust themselves off and move on. “We can be proud of being the party that fulfilled the national unity of Romanians almost 100 years ago, we can be proud of being the party that brought economic modernisation to Romanian society, equal rights to all citizens,” Turcan said.

She pointed out the objective of her mandate as acting president is to ensure balance and restore trust among party members.

“Today we celebrate 142 years of Liberal political life and we know that the road we are walking on is a correct road for Romania. After 1989, history vindicated the National Liberal Party: Romania’s future is a Liberal future. There will be many apostles of failure. It happened before and, each time, the Liberals proved they have strength, passion, that they do not lose composure and do not retreat. It’s an extraordinary energy that the members of the National Liberal Party have and the solution for victory is to turn this energy to advantage,” the PNL President stated.

Raluca Turcan reminded party members that, following the completion of the merger process and the election of a new party leadership at the upcoming party conference, PNL must offer the electorate a new political vision and modernising action.

Liberal leaders met on Wednesday morning at the villa of Ion I. C. Bratianu, in Florica, to celebrate PNL’s 142 years of existence. The candidates for PNL’s presidency – Cristian Busoi, Viorel Catarama and Ludovic Orban – were among those who accompanied Raluca Turcan.

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