DefMin Les, MAE hail measure announced by US Administration on increasing ERI funds: Excellent news for European allies

National Defence Minister Gabriel Les states that the measure announced by the US Administration of significantly increasing the funds earmarked to the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI) in the budget proposal for 2018 fiscal year represents “an excellent news” for European allies and creates major opportunities for intensifying the bilateral cooperation between Romania and the US.

“The significant increase of the funds allocated to the ERI announced by the US Administration in the budget proposal for 2018 fiscal year is an excellent news for European allies. […] By increasing the financial resources that will be earmarked under the ERI aegis, the US proves the solidarity of the transatlantic tie and creates major opportunities for intensifying our bilateral collaboration,” Gabriel Les wrote on a post on his Facebook page.

The Defence Minister underscores that the Romanian-US strategic partnership for the 21st century allowed the development of some robust bilateral relations, on multiple levels, which directly and significantly contributed to the strengthening of our country’s defence capacity and security consolidation at the Black Sea.

“Implementing and operating the Defence System Facility against Ballistic Missiles in Deveselu, developing the intermodal hub of the “Mihail Kogalniceanu” Military Base, the complex programme of bilateral and multinational exercises, including with the participation of other allies and partners in order to increase troops’ inter-operability are all examples of the Romanian – US strategic partnership materializing,” Les brings to mind.


MAE hails US announcement on enhancing budget devoted to European Reassurance Initiative


The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) hails the United States of America announcement on enhancing the budget devoted to the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI) for 2018.

According to a press release on Friday, MAE hails the US Administration announcement on the significant increase in the funds earmarked to the European Reassurance Initiative in the budget proposal for 2018 fiscal year.

“The announcement represents a confirmation of the US strong commitment to European security, strengthening the allied measures devoted to collective defence and deterring the risk factors. The US decision proves the solidity of the transatlantic relation as a foundation of an Alliance fully prepared to respond to the current and future security challenges. At the same time, the announcement of the US Administration sets the premises for the expansion and diversification of the Romania-US bilateral cooperation under the ERI aegis,” the release reads.

MAE adds that on 23 May 2017, the White House made public the draft on the defence budget for 2018 fiscal year. The funds provided for the European Reassurance Initiative account for 4.7773 billion USD, increasing from the current allotment of 3.4197 billion USD.

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