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May 22, 2022

Approximately 1,500 children and parents visit Chamber of Deputies on Open Doors Day, sign decision as “speakers”

Approximately 1,500 children and parents visited the Chamber of Deputies, on Saturday, on the 8th edition of the “Open Doors for Children” event.

The young visitors, accompanied by teachers or parents, started their journey inside the Palace of Parliament early in the morning, being extremely impressed by the sumptuous halls, the crystal candelabra and the statues of various personalities, taking the opportunity to pose with them.

The ‘I.C. Bratianu,’ ‘Al. I. Cuza,’ ‘Nicolae Iorga,’ ‘Nicolae Balcescu,’ ‘Spiru Haret’ and ‘I. G. Duca’ halls were open for visitors, alongside the plenum hall and Lower Chamber Speaker Liviu Dragnea’s office.

Children were impressed by the Lower Chamber’s plenum hall, which made them feel “like on the National Arena.”

“How large the room is! It’s like being on the National Arena,” a young boy stated in awe, News.ro informs.

For over five hours, the children could visit many halls representative both for the activity of the Chamber of Deputies, as well as for the architectural specificity of the Palace of the Parliament. Thus, they could visit the plenum hall of the Chamber of Deputies, but also a series of important meeting halls of the Palace of Parliament, as well as the office of the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies.

On this occasion, the children signed a “decision” as “Speakers” of the Chamber of Deputies addressed to all “parents, professors and teachers”.

“On the International Children’s Day, we decided there would be only joy, games, smiles and kindness among children. For that reason, all children should have infinite vacation, receive chocolate and ice-cream starting with breakfast, spend as much time as possible in parks and with their friends. There will be no homework and the only duty of children will be to play as they desire, to sleep and wake up at what hour they want. Parents must respect this decision and support children in all games and activities they are involved in,” reads the “decision” signed by the children.

Children expressed their satisfaction with Liviu Dragnea’s activity, but they would like the rest of the MPs to be “more conscientious.” “He was a star very much in fashion, I saw on television he had a conflict with everyone,” a little girl said about Liviu Dragnea.

A little boy said that the PSD leader is “good” because “he does justice in the country.”

Nevertheless, many children did not know that Liviu Dragnea is the Speaker of the Lower Chamber, the Social Democrats’ leader being confused with President Klaus Iohannis, News.ro informs.

Children took on the role of parliamentarians, seeking to table bills stipulating that people “should no longer go to jail,” “should be better” and that children should receive “higher allowances.” At the opposite end, there were children who wanted “more jail for thieves.”

Even though they expressed their delight with the Palace of Parliament, they would not want to become MPs because “there’s too much work to do.” The children’s sights are set on becoming policemen, architects and singers, seeking “to earn lots of money.”

“I don’t think I’d choose a political career, but I’d do everything possible for people to be proud of the country. I believe it would be good for new laws to be passed and to have more freedom in the country,” a little girl said.

A little boy said he would not like to become a parliamentarian because “there’s too much work to do.”

Since its first edition in 2007, “Open Doors for Children” brought nearly 25,000 children to the Palace of Parliament and established a tradition by which the Chamber of Deputies celebrates the International Children’s Day.


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