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April 16, 2021

Justice Minister: SIPA Archive – stain on the judiciary! Step 2 – promote Gov’t Decision to declassify information

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader announced on Saturday evening that a Government Decision on declassifying information from the archive of the Service for Intelligence and Anticorruption Protection (SIPA) will be tabled.

Toader says that the SIPA archive is “a stain on the Romanian judiciary” and, after the Justice Ministry published the list of persons who “visited” the SIPA archive, the next step will be to promote a Government Decision on declassifying the information.

“The SIPA archive – a stain on the Romanian judiciary! Step 2 – we’ll promote a Government Decision on declassifying the information; Step 3 – the commission starts working, in observance of legal directives, [of] the distinctions between private life, work-related secrets, state secrets respectively!” the Justice Minister wrote on Facebook on Saturday evening.

Former National Integrity Agency (ANI) chief Horia Georgescu, Marius Iosif and Laura Iulia Scantei are among the persons who entered the SIPA archive as members of the cataloguing commissions, according to the list published by the Justice Ministry last Thursday. The Ministry pointed out that the documents it has shed no light on the activities carried out in 2006 and announced that it will make public the 2008 reports that noted irregularities in “the cataloguing, storing, processing, copying and destruction of state secret information,” as well as the logs of the commissions whose activity concerned the SIPA archive.

The Justice Minister stated, also last Thursday, that there were many more visits paid to the SIPA archive, on which he will offer more details after he declassifies two reports on this issue, one of which is a state secret and its declassification requires the adoption of a Government Decision.

He added that it would be “a pity” for the SIPA archive to be destroyed, because it represents a part of the “more pleasant or less pleasant” history of the judiciary. He claimed he will set up “a kind of CNSAS [National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives]” made up of people cleared to access state secrets, in order to hand over the documents that National Penitentiary Administration (ANP) employees need to prove their right to pension.


Monica Macovei: I demand the declassification of the SIPA archive and a probe into information leak


Ex-Justice Minister Monica Macovei stated on Thursday that she will sue those who told lies about her activity and demanded the start of an investigation into the leak of classified information from the Justice Ministry and the verification of irregularities noted in the 2008 report.

“Once again, I demand the declassification of all documents concerning the SIPA/DGPA archive and an investigation into the alleged leak of classified documents from the Justice Ministry,” ex-Justice Minister Monica Macovei wrote on Facebook.

Monica Macovei stated that it is necessary for the Justice Ministry “to declassify as fast as possible all documents regarding the DGPA/SIPA archive, drafted until today: minister’s orders, substantiation notes, orders of the SIPA/DGPA leadership, affidavits, the Chiuariu-Predoiu report, with the mention of the dates, years and persons involved. The access that 4 persons gained to the DGPA/SIPA archive in 2013, during Robert Cazanciuc’s term in office, 5 years after the completion of a Justice Ministry commission’s report, should also be clarified.”

The ex-minister claimed that the fact that ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily – whose owner, Dan Andronic, is criminally probed in several cases – published a classified report entails the illegal leaking of a classified document from a state institution.

“The Justice Ministry must rapidly clarify who had access to classified documents, who took them out and gave them to the press,” Macovei said.

“The so-called press ‘bombshell’ turned out to be a bubble filled with suppositions, inaccuracies and groundless accusations, dilettante and ill-intentioned. In the absence of evidence, the only thing left are the questions regarding the reason for drafting this report and the real mandate of the Chiuariu Commission,” the ex-minister claimed.

Macovei publicly notified the Prosecutor’s Office to verify the aspects noted in the 2008 report, aspects that concern the SIPA archive.

“For the public opinion to understand, I’m publicly notifying the Prosecutor General’s Office to verify the aspects signalled in the document – erasures on documents, the copying of some files, the re-writing of hard-disks “based on the order of previous decisional factors” (which ones?), the destruction of documents (by whom?), the photocopying of documents from the archive (when and by whom?) etc.,” Macovei said.

Those who decided, ordered or carried out illegalities should be held criminally accountable, she added.

“Any clue pointing to illegal acts should have been signalled the moment the report was drafted, to the relevant penal institutions. But no penal notification was sent, the report being probably kept for moments that we would like to find out from the investigation,” Monica Macovei pointed out.

Macovei said she will sue those who told lies about her activity while in office.

“I’ll sue all those who publicly told lies about me and the activity of the commission set up during my term in office. In a landscape vitiated by manipulation and disinformation, there’s almost no longer any point in saying I didn’t “kill” anyone, as Mr Panaitescu claims, or I didn’t steal,” the ex-minister stated.

The ex-Justice Minister stated she did not obtain any information from the SIPA archive.

“I’m saying it again: I didn’t receive any information from the DGPA/SIPA archive, I didn’t receive any dossier or intelligence report from the DGPA/SIPA archive, I didn’t see or read any dossier or intelligence report from the DGPA/SIPA archive, I didn’t copy any dossier from the DGPA/SIPA archive, I didn’t take out any dossier from the DGPA/SIPA archive, I didn’t copy or destroy any hard-disk, I didn’t give anyone the order to take out, destroy or copy any dossier or hard-disk from the DGPA/SIPA archive. And the report clearly shows there was no proof that the judge or prosecutor who entered the archive based on my order – to draft a public report on the way the DGPA/SIPA archive functioned – committed any illegalities,” Macovei stated.

The ex-Justice Minister called herself the target of a “glaring manipulation of truth.”

“I’m the target of a glaring manipulation of truth, through the tendentious interpretation of some information, through the ill-intentioned mixing up of information and “archives.” And the real target is the discrediting of the judiciary, which has already convicted and has on the docket important dossiers that concern politicians too,” Monica Macovei concluded.

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