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December 6, 2022

Once partners, now opponents. Constantin and Taricean miss no opportunity to fight

*Daniel Constantin: Tariceanu is sacrificing ALDE to run in presidential elections


Calin Popescu-Tariceanu wishes to run in the presidential elections of 2019 and for this objective he is transforming the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) into a single-person enterprise, deputy and former co-chair of ALDE Daniel Constantin stated in an interview for the Romanian-language Agerpres newsflow, mentioning that the leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, started to understand this.

“I said it very clearly and I will repeat it and I believe that now Mr. Dragnea started to understand it: Mr. Tariceanu has a very clear objective and for this he will probably end up sacrificing ALDE too, he wants to run in the 2019 presidential elections,” Daniel Constantin stated.

He said that Tariceanu had a “sharp reaction” to the Prime Minister on the topic of the public pay law.

“I saw the past days a sharp reaction towards the Prime Minister: why did he send the unified salary law to Parliament, if he agreed with it in the common meeting that the two parties – PSD and ALDE – had. I don’t want to characterize the gesture itself, but I warned publicly and I will do so once more, Mr. Tariceanu said it at one point, if needed he will pull ALDE from the governing coalition to reach his own goal. So he transforms ALDE, slowly, from a political party into a single-person enterprise. I believe that is a short characterization,” the deputy added.

Constantin said that for him Tariceanu is now history. “For the wellbeing of Romanian politics, I hope that at one point he becomes part of the history of Romanian politics,” he added.

According to Constantin, the new party he will establish – the Pro Romania Party – will support in Parliament the Grindeanu Government, insofar as it will follow what was established in the governing program.

“We’re not persons – I’m referring to MPs – who will turn against the Government tomorrow. We live in this country and I wish Sorin Grindeanu, as head of the Government, succeeds in order to have welfare, pensions, salaries, a better life, a better-developed society. So, we will support any demarche of the Government that is useful for society. We will also ring the alarm bells when things will not run properly. (…) I’m not a person to turn my back. I was part of this Government. More so, I see that people issued a vote six months ago. Surely a part of the electorate is now asking itself: Is that program that we voted for still going to get done? We will, as much as we can, support the Government in Parliament, so long as those guiding lines that we discussed back then are followed,” Daniel Constantin said.

He said he had a partnership with the PSD during the entire time he led the Conservative Party and ALDE.

“Regarding the PSD, you know full well that during the period I led the Conservative Party and ALDE there was a partnership, sometimes written, sometimes unwritten, that we had with the Social Democrat Party. I have a lot of friends there. Now things are a bit different because at the level of leadership, as you know, there were other options, let’s put it like that,” said Constantin.


Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, virulent attack on Daniel Constantin: He’s the manele singer of Romanian politics


Last Friday, in a speech before ALDE’s young members, ALDE leader Calin Popescu-Tariceanu launched an attack against his former counterpart Daniel Constantin, whom he called “the manele singer of Romanian politics” because he speculates the political market’s need for a nationalist party.

“Daniel Constantin started politicking within the PC, so I presume he had convictions regarding the conservative doctrine. Afterward, he put that aside, threw it to the bin and joined the Liberals. He got rid of the thing with the Liberals too and now he’s becoming an ultra-nationalist, because I see he’s flirting with the idea of setting up a nationalist party. Why? Because he feels there is the need for this on the political market,” Tariceanu started his attack on Constantin.

“But you should know this is exactly like a singer who goes at a wedding and sees that the people there are happy listening to manele and so the singer drops the classical music and says ‘Well, manele is in demand, manele I’ll sing!’ That goes for Mr Daniel Constantin too. He’s the manele singer of Romanian politics,” Tariceanu added.

He encouraged the young ALDE members not to listen to or sing manele if they want to be engaged in serious politics in the long term.

Tariceanu added that he is happy Daniel Constantin was kicked out of ALDE and accused him of having no principles in life.

“I won’t hide from you the fact that there was a moment in which, concurrently with ALDE’s party conference that in a way clarified things, I found it regrettable that Mr Daniel Constantin was excluded from the party. Today, looking a bit at what is happening, I’m happy because I now better understand the person’s profile and character, what it means not to have any kind of principles in life,” Tariceanu added.

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