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April 21, 2021

Romania lodges 1,859 answers to EC’s consultation on CAP reform, while Germany submits 147,142 contributions

Romania lodged 1,859 answers within the public consultation on the modernisation and simplification of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) launched by the European Commission, which is only 0.58 percent of the total answers received from the Member States, according to the data released by the European Executive’s website.

In the three months of public consultation, from 2 February to 2 May 2017, the European Commission received 322,912 online contributions from all of the Member States of the European Union, and from these 1,417 position documents were submitted.

Romania lodged 1,859 answers, while Germany topped the debate, with 147,142 contributions.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR), Romania’s backing the Commission’s priorities, among which the importance of continuing to promote certain measures to administrate the risks in agriculture, the increase of competitiveness in parallel with the insurance of renewing the generations through assuring access to financing, as well as the finding of a proper balance between the opening of new markets and the protection of the sensitive sectors. Romania finds it that through certain political actions of rural development the sustainable economic development at the level of EU’s rural areas could be contributed to.”

Romania advocates the convergence of pay for the elimination of gaps among the Member States regarding the quantum per hectare, as well as the keeping after 2020 of the current direct pay schemes, including the one for the coupled support.

As regards the strengthening of rural local governance, Romania backs the increase of the administrative capacity and the efficiency of structures that are ruling at regional, local level and of the groups based on community.

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