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January 20, 2021

CNAB: 30 flights have delays of up to 30 minutes because the air traffic controllers’ general strike

Seven flights are recorded to have delays of over 30 minutes, and another 30 flights already have delays of up to 30 minutes since the air traffic controllers’ general strike started, Director of Communications of the National Company Bucharest Airports (CNAB) Valentin Iordache stated on Tuesday.

According to him, only six flights of a low-cost company were canceled, the rest following to be operated in time or with delays, taking into account that in a regular day in this period of year – which is an average period – on “Henri Coanda” International Airport approximately 150 arrivals and 150 departures are recorded.

When asked whether this strike will extend more than two hours, as the unionists of the ROMATSA estimated on Monday, after the negotiations with the Transport Ministry, Valentin Iordache mentioned he has no information regarding the duration of the strike.

He underscored that all flights that were supposed to be operated after 09:00 hrs, the moment the strike started, were affected, some of them more and others less.

“All flights that were to depart or land after 09:00 hrs are affected. It’s true that some of them are affected very little or not at all – there have been flights that took off in time, but there have been flights that will land having delays of up to 30 minutes. There are flights that will take off with two-hours delays and I am talking here strictly about the 09:00 – 11:00 hrs interval,” Iordache added.

The representative of the Bucharest Airports advised passengers to arrive in time for boarding in case the company didn’t communicate otherwise.

In respect to the measures taken by the CNAB in this matter, Valentin Iordache mentioned there is additional personnel who can offer information to passengers.


Trade union spokesman Diaconu: Air traffic controllers suspended strike at 12:10hrs


Air traffic controllers suspended their strike at 12:10hrs, spokesman for the Romanian Air Traffic Services Trade Union (ATSR) Florin Diaconu said Tuesday.


“We declared the strike suspended at 12:10hrs. We are now moving on to the Bucharest Tribunal. The court trial starts at 13:30hrs,” said Diaconu.

The Bucharest Tribunal on Tuesday postponed for several hours a court trial brought by the ROMATSA National Air Traffic Control Corporation against the strike the same day of air traffic controllers.

The trial was initially scheduled for 08:30hrs, but the lawyer to the trade unionists asked for a couple of hours to look into a request for intervention submitted to the Transport Ministry as a party to the litigation.

The judges agreed and postponed the debate until 13:30hrs.

On Tuesday morning about 30 trade unionists dressed up in t-shirts reading “You have sold our land. Is the sky next?” were protesting before the Bucharest Tribunal.

ROMATSA challenged in court the legality of the strike staged on May 30 by ATSR.


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