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July 31, 2021

Daniel Constantin launches new party, Pro Romania, under #altfel slogan

Romania’s newest political party, Pro Romania, was launched on Monday on a hotel terrace in Bucharest City, under the slogan #altfel (different) in the presence of dozens of people.

The event started off with a short film playing on a screen in which people interviewed in the streets say they are unhappy with how politics is being done in Romania.

“You are with us for a different political project, a different launch and a different location. I want to tell you first of all to quench any speculation that when I set May 29 for the launch I was no longer working at the Environmental Ministry, so I had no connection with the weathermen to be able to secure such as beautiful day as today is, so I am thankful to God for being with us. He helped us get a special launch of a political project that first of all is designed as a relaxed political project gathering people in an attempt, as I did here this evening, to get people involved, collect opinions from people and make sure that all that people wish for could be found one day in some political platform,” said Daniel Constantin, a former co-chair of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) and the initiator of the new party.

He said the party was born out of “emotion” already having 35 county chapters and several parliamentarians.

“The project we are launching, PRO Romania, is not some political project that has found the key to success; it is a political project that aims to communicate more from now on, a political project designed to launch a platform to get people involved not just before and during electioneering, but also when a party rises to power (…),” said Constantin.

He also explained the name of the party.

“Why PRO Romania? (…) PRO Romania – the political project is thus called because first of all I am a Romanian, I love my country and I want to do something for my country; I and my colleagues want so. Secondly, it is PRO Romania because (…) most of politicians, of people who have started up in politics to get personal validation at home and abroad, when getting before the press they claim: ‘I am pro-European and pro NATO.’ Very well, but let us remember that first of all we have to be for Romania and Romanians. If you are pro-Romania and Romanians, you certainly are pro-EU and pro-NATO, because anyone in good faith feeling Romanian cannot see Romania’s place anywhere else than inside the EU and NATO,” said Constantin.

He added that the new party will be of centre with patriotic undertones. “No politician should get to the apex of Romanian politics without being a patriot. I am not talking about extremist nationalism, just patriotic undertones that I believe each of us should possess,” said Constantin.

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