PM Grindeanu, about Ghita and Hayssam fleeing: Clearly a malfunction

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu acknowledged on Tuesday that based on the way Sebastian Ghita and Omar Hayssam fled Romania, “it was obvious there was a malfunction” that the Border Police should ” fix.”

Asked after a working visit at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) how (former Member of the Parliament – ed.n.) Sebastian Ghita walked out of Romania, the head of the Executive replied: “Not only Sebastian Ghita managed to leave.”

At the same time, at a reporter’s statement that Sebastian Ghita had a ban on leaving our country, Grindeanu mentioned: “I know this. … (…) This has to do with fulfilling a job’s duties and it is clear that it was a failure, I think not only of the Border Police, to be as correct as possible.”

During Prime Minister Grindeanu’s statement regarding Ghita’s ban on leaving the country, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Carmen Dan replied: “That should also be settled.”

On the other hand, the head of the Government specified that he did not ask during the working visit he had Tuesday at MAI headquarters how Sebastian Ghita and (Syrian-born Romanian citizen, businessman) Omar Hayssam left the country. “I did not ask today how Sebastian Ghita or Omar Hayssam crossed the border. (…) There were probably several institutions that could have been more careful for the one or the other not to leave the country, I think. It is clear that it was a malfunction both then and at other times, a breakdown that the Border Police, (…) if we only speak of those in the Internal Affairs Ministry, need to fix, to improve their activity, so as not to have cases of this type anymore,” said Grindeanu.

Asked if sanctions are necessary in Ghita’s escape from the country, Grindeanu replied: “We are waiting for the committee’s report that I know Ms. minister (…) is also expecting.”

Furthermore, the head of the Executive refused to comment on the decision of the court in Serbia to release Sebastian Ghita.

“You are asking me to discuss the sentences in Serbia … I believe that the Minister of Justice of Romania is not in the position to comment on sentences from another country. Of course we were expecting faster procedures and that is our anticipation, it is normal considering all the accusations that the Romanian state has brought Mr Ghita. However, that sentence in Serbia (…) it is not normal to comment on it,” Grindeanu further affirmed.

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