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February 3, 2023

Bucharest high-school students become MPs for one day

About 200 students from the George Cosbuc, Gheorghe Sincai and Ion Creanga collegiate high schools of Bucharest on Wednesday became MPs for one day in a session opened by Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea.

The event was conducted under a project called “Children’s Parliament,” which is sought to offer young people an opportunity to get to know the importance of the role and functions of the Legislature inside a democratic institutional system.

The 198 participants were introduced to the doctrines of parliamentary parties and what working in the Chamber of Deputies entails.

The event comprises a stimulation of the parliamentary decision-making process when the students from the three high schools lent support for legislative initiatives put forth by each of the attending high schools related to the Romanian educational system.

“Had anyone asked me what I would have liked to learn about when I was your age, I would have truly and honestly wanted to find out that dialogue and cooperation are at the basis of any political construction, even when we are each other’s opponents. There are important bills, important to the country when any political litigation should be left behind. Like many of my colleagues, I am curious to see how today’s negations and votes are going to happen. Likewise, poise and decency are important in any debate and showing respect to your colleague, even when he or she may be your opponent in some political issues. Respecting the right to voice an opinion is equally important; it is the most important thing,” said Dragnea.

He advised the attendees to be wise enough to build instead of demolishing and to identify continuously what unites them instead of what disunites them.

“May you have a pleasant day today at the Chamber of Deputies and part ways as colleagues despite the bills you are advancing separately. I would like, after the debate, for me and my colleagues to consider one of the three bills, if not all of them, so that maybe one of them will become a law initiated by the Government and submitted for approval to Parliament,” said Dragnea.

A work schedule and agenda passed by unanimous vote.

Chamber’s Deputy Speaker Gabriel Vlase took over session chairmanship from Dragnea.

The attending high-school students were granted diplomas.

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