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April 16, 2021

Italian Cultural Institute prepares agenda rich in cultural events for June

On the National Day of Italy, we convey our warmest greetings to our fellow nationals and to the friends of Italy, and we invite them to take part in the cultural events scheduled for June.

The “Vivere Napoli” exhibition of water-colour paintings signed by Romanian artist Alin Daniliuc will be inaugurated at the Institute on June 1st, and will remain open until June 30th. The idea of hosting in Bucharest an exhibition of his works, inspired by the city of Naples, was born in December last year, when the artist presented, in Naples, an exhibition of water-colour paintings whose topic was Bucharest, the city in which he lives.

“Alin Daniliuc’s exhibition on Naples consists of forty small-format water-colour paintings inspired by four major themes that represent and synthesise the urban, architectural and social structure of the city of Naples: panoramic views, urban snapshots, piazzas and piazzettas, monuments, activities.”

Born in Falticeni in 1988, Alin Daniliuc graduated from Bucharest’s ‘Ion Mincu’ University of Architecture and Urbanism in 2015, with a licence in Design. He is active in designing furniture and other objects, sculpting, mural painting and water-colour painting. He took part in important international exhibitions and presented the “Vivere Bucarest” exhibition at Arkeda, Mostra d’oltremare, within the Architecture Section organised in Naples, on 2-4 December 2016. Architect Agostino Bossi, Professor of Interior Architecture at Naples’s ‘Federico II’ University, will deliver a speech at the varnishing of his exhibition in Bucharest.

On June 7th, the Italian Cultural Institute will host the presentation of “A Bucarest non c’è niente da vedere” (“There is Nothing to See in Bucharest”) by Federico Collesei, Italian language professor at the Ion Neculce High School in Bucharest. The book was recently launched at the Turin Book Fair and was selected in 2017 by MasterBook, a Master Programme in Publishing Crafts promoted by Milan’s International University of Language and Media (IULM). The book is a crime fiction novel about a crime that the young Paducel witnesses by chance. The investigations are led by inspector Razvan who is trying to shed light on this case by delving in Bucharest’s shadows.

Born in Legnaro in 1960, Federico Collesei has been living in Bucharest since 2010, and the idea of this novel came to him precisely through his contact with Romanian culture.

To cinematography, we dedicate two Italian films screened at the 2017 edition of the European Film Festival – Enrico Pau’s “Accabadora” (June 8th) and Giuseppe Petitto’s “Eyes Shut” (June 15th).

For the first time, the Institute, in collaboration with the Embassy of Ireland, is celebrating Bloomsday. A cultural event honouring the great Irish writer James Joyce. June 16th (1904) is the date on which the action of the novel “Ulysses” takes place. The name of this day evokes Leopold Bloom, the main character of the novel. Bloomsday is a day celebrated in many cities of the world, including in Italy. Joyce lived for many years in Italy and his two children – Giorgio and Lucia – were born in Trieste. Joyce had a passion for Italian language and music and had a very beautiful tenor’s voice. The guests to this event will have the pleasure to listen young Irish tenor John Rownan and Romanian soprano Alina Bottez, who will be accompanied on the piano by Luminita Berariu from the Bucharest National Opera. The musical moments will alternate with readings from “Ulysses.” Access to the event is based on invitation only. The Irish Embassy could possibly be asked for invitations.

On June 22nd, Professor Alessandro Garofalo will deliver an interesting conference on Leonardo da Vinci and Made in Italy, titled “Leonardo da Vinci’s brilliant capacity for innovation.” A journey into the universe of this extraordinary man who managed to accelerate innovative spirit with the help of seven skills that allowed him to directly explore science, open new universes, scenarios, and anticipate the future. The conference will analyse in detail these qualities of the genius of Italian Renaissance, rebuilding a logical thread that starts off from curiosity to end up to the capacity of making connections.

Alessandro Garofalo is a physicist and expert in innovation. After working for many decades in the field of research and development for manufacturing companies, twenty years ago he founded the Idee Associate, a company with activities in the creative development of new product-concepts and innovative managerial training. He is a professor of interdisciplinary innovation at the Holden School in Turin, at the Navy’s Institute for Military Maritime Studies, at the Luiss Business School and at the University of Verona.

Finally, on June 23rd, in line with an already consolidated tradition, the Italian Cultural Institute in Bucharest organises a White Night with a format already known to the loyal public: a concert, the screening of a surprise comedy and the “midnight spaghettata.” This year’s concert will feature songs from the “Made in Italy” album launched by the Walkin’ Quarter (Stefano Raffaelli – piano; Flavio Zanon – double bass; Enrico Tommasini – drums; Valter Civettini – trumpet and saxhorn): music by Mogugno, Battisti, Mogol and Celentano.

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