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May 26, 2022

Nicusor Dan after he was criticised by Cristian Ghinea: It would be a great error for USR to take stance on redefining the Christian family

In a posting on Facebook, Save Romania Union (USR) leader Nicusor Dan commented on “the internal pressure for the party to take a stance on the issue of the Christian family,” deeming that this would be “a great error” that would create an unsurmountable “internal fracture.” He thus answered the criticism levelled by Cristian Ghinea, who recounted that during the latest party leadership meeting Nicusor Dan threatened to resign if USR officially positions itself against the constitutional amendment seeking the redefinition of the family, so that the decision was postponed for Wednesday.

“There is now strong internal pressure for USR to position itself on the topic of redefining the Christian family. My firm opinion is that it would be a great error. We would all fall in the trap of talking about what divides us instead of talking about what unites us. I fear it would be an internal fracture we will not be able to overcome, by taking a stance that would violate the intimate convictions of some of our colleagues who are in the minority,” Nicusor Dan explained.

He reminded that, during the meetings he had with those who wanted to join the USB or the USR, he said there is room for both progressives and conservatives, that in the speech he gave in Sibiu in January he said the main risk for USR is “the exacerbation of tensions between progressives and conservatives” and that he said the same thing in his speech in Cluj, namely “that USR must be a place in which both progressives and conservatives would collaborate.”

“I was vehemently against USR’s opinion leaders, from both sides, taking stances that would have brought USR into the progressives vs. conservatives debate instead of debating the real topics of society and the competences that USR brings to politics,” the USR leader said, expressing his hope that USR members will have the wisdom to remain united.

USR’s Lower Chamber MP Cristian Ghinea stated on Monday that, during the latest National Bureau meeting, party leader Nicusor Dan threatened to resign if the party takes an official position against the amending of the Constitution, the members of the NB consequently deciding to postpone the decision for Wednesday.

“It was a long 10-hour meeting of the new National Bureau. Toward its end, Catalin Drula’s proposal was debated for a fairly long time: USR as a party should position itself against the amending of the Constitution. A clear majority in favour of backing the proposal was taking shape. At that moment, Nicusor Dan threatened to resign if the party takes the stance. Several members unfortunately gave in to this blackmail. I then informed Nicusor Dan that if we have no decision it’s time he personally assumes this and that I’ve grown tired of publicly answering for things that he imposes on the party and does not personally assume responsibility for. The emotion generated by his announcement resulted in a vote in favour of postponement. So, it has been postponed, by vote (I opposed the postponement), for Wednesday,” Cristian Ghinea commented on a Facebook posting concerning USR’s position toward the referendum on the Constitution’s definition of the family.

Ghinea accused Nicusor Dan of keeping the National Bureau – recently elected at the party conference – “busy with trifles.” Likewise, the MP is dissatisfied with the way the USR President is treating the party members who are part of the ‘Romania 100’ Platform. “I’m being scolded within the NB and the parliamentary group for being part of ‘Romania 100’ too, after Nicusor Dan made sure Dacian Ciolos would not join us. They all entered Parliament parading with Ciolos but now it seems I’d have to ask for Oana Bazgan’s or Cosette Chichirau’s permission to associate myself with Dacian Ciolos. It’s funny and tragic at the same time,” Ghinea stated.


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