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March 24, 2023

Roberto Musneci, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce: Italy remains an ideal partner for Romania and the “Sistema Italia” will continue to act synergic to tap into such opportunities

As every year, the Italian National day celebrated in Romania gives us the opportunity to take a snapshot of the bilateral commercial opportunities as part of the broader and complex relation between Italy and Romania. I specifically focus on opportunities rather than current trade and investment levels because statistics are well known and better presented by our colleagues of the National Trade Institute (ICE). The Italian Chamber of Commerce, part of the so called “Sistema Italia” comprising also Confindustria, ICE and the Cultural Institute and led by our Embassy, is focused on providing services to our members and facilitate the localization of Italian companies in Romania. Together with the Italian patronate Confindustria we have therefore a privileged perspective on future opportunities under the current economic climate. As we all know, despite the volatility induced by a slow European recovery from the longest crisis after WWII and an institutional framework still in reform, Romania now is back on a path of growth fueled by basic needs still unmet, and by a growing middle class demanding more sophisticated goods and services. On this background, Romania remains  a country with its backbone based on Small & Medium enterprises which makes it even more attractive for Italian medium size entrepreneurs. Given the history of the Italian economic development in the last 50 years, similarities and the opportunity to share our experience are striking. Last but not least, a particularly favorable tax climate compensate, at least partially, a still cumbersome administrative environment.

Opportunities therefore have to be considered in this context and information need to be shared among the Italian system players to maximize them for our investors and Romanian partners.

There is a long list of well known areas of focus such as Agriculture, where Italian large and medium enterprises are already among the leaders with an increasing degree of technological deployment, and more is currently being done to transfer our expertise in the management of logistic in perishable goods. The Food industry is another opportunity for our quality products aimed a growing sophisticated demand  and, at the same time, a challenge considering the scenario in the large distribution industry. These are consolidated opportunities together with, as mere examples, the need to speed up the adoption of technological advances in energy distribution, to develop transport and healthcare infrastructures or the need to introduce more sophisticated financial instruments to foster economic growth. But there is much more: Italian expertise in automotive and IT&C is globally competitive, as well as, our ability to manage complex systems such as healthcare and Civil protection. These are best practice sharing opportunities which will be beneficial for our bilateral trade but also to support Romania in playing its critical role in the Balkans and in South Eastern Europe.

Italy remains an ideal partner for Romania and the “Sistema Italia”  will continue to act synergic to tap into such opportunities. The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Romania with its diverse composition of large and Small & Medium enterprises, its presence across the territory, and its role as partner of dialogue with Romanian institutions will continue to be an active player of the “Sistema Italia”.













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