Romanian Cristi Iftime’s “Marita” to get world premiere at Karlovy Vary Festival

“Marita,” the feature debut of Romanian director Cristi Iftime will get a world premiere at the Karlovy Vary Intentional Film Festival, Hi Films reported on Tuesday in a press statement.

The production runs in the “East of the West” section for breaking directors with one or two films under their belt. Running in the competitive section of the festival are films from Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey and other former member countries of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Iftime’s feature film debut focuses on the personal story of Costi, who gets tired of couple problems and suddenly finds himself pining for his father’s stories, according to the film intro.

“The challenge of this road-movie has been for me to get to capture a passing moment in the life of the son, the moment when he breaks away from Dad, a tragicomic individual who had always swum with the tide. What we wanted to achieve was getting the audience to spend enough time with Dad to become so much familiar with his presence and stories that they will find it hard to part ways with him,” Iftime is quoted as saying in the statement.

Starring in the film, which cinematography is by Luchian Ciobanu, are Alexandru Potocean, Adrian Titieni, Lucian Iftime, Victoria Cocias, Andrei Hutuleac, Bogdan Dumitrache and Ana Ciontea; written by Anca Buja and Cristi Iftime; edited by Dragos Apetri; costumes by Alexandra Alma Ungureanu; makeup by Maria Andreescu; settings by Malina Ionescu; sound by Dan-Stefan Rucareanu, Alexandru Dumitru and Florin Tabacaru; produced by Ada Solomon and Radu Stancu.

“Marita” is a Hi Film Productions production, co-produced by deFILM, with support from Romania’s National Filmmaking Centre and the European Union’s Media Programme – Creative Europe.

The 52nd edition of the Karolvy Vary International Film Festival will be held June 30 – July 8 in the Czech Republic.

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