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May 12, 2021

Dragnea on President Iohannis’s visit to US: I wish it to be rewarding visit

Deputies’ Chamber Speaker Liviu Dragnea, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader, stated on Tuesday, at private TV broadcaster Antena 3, that he hoped President Klaus Iohannis’s visit to the United States would be a good one, arguing that in such circumstances, the conflicts between Romanian political leaders must cease.

“I wish it be a rewarding visit, I am telling you in earnest. You know all too well that I have had big conflicts with Klaus Iohannis, including these discussions about the Government, and for this reason, they need to cease. He is the head of the state called Romania, he is on an important visit to the United States. He will probably have an important meeting with Donald Trump, the President of the United States. For us, as a nation, it is a good thing. He might have met with Angela Merkel, and that would have been important as well. I do not want the President of Romania to be there and to be asked: Sir, is something going on in Romania? You are here, but do you still have a government there? And this is one of the reasons why these discussions need to end. It’s not about sweeping anything under the carpet, but it is important. My receptiveness to the United States is complete in all respects, that is what I said when I was in Washington in January, and I keep saying it. It is an extremely important strategic partner for us,” Dragnea said.

The PSD leader said the United States is an important strategic partner in both military and economic terms.

“In addition to the military component, we must have a strong economic component. That is what we asked for when we were in Washington, what we have called for in the meetings that we have had in the months following the visit, and I am sure that the President has discussed about and will continue to do so. There are dozens of American companies that have already begun to invest, and we are talking about major projects that represent a very serious engine for growth. Therefore, I want this visit to be a good one, because any fruitful visit of any Romanian political leader helps this country. I have never tolerated and will never suffer or agree with all the Romanian officials, higher or lower in rank, who go to other countries and make fools of themselves, or they lie about Romania, or denigrate this country or talk only about themselves,” stated Dragnea.

He also explained that any good visit of any Romanian official helps Romania, no matter what party he/she belongs to.

“Any Romanian official, whether from a party that is our adversary, no matter who he/she is, the head of state, even if we were in conflict, whether he has a rewarding visit to the United States or anywhere in the world, we gain something. We have a huge goal, the house called Romania. Anyone who can put a good brick, God helps us all, ” affirmed the Deputies’ Chamber Speaker.

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