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September 30, 2020

PM Grindeanu: My relation with Dragnea, one of respect to party leader, someone fuelling so-called tension

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu stated that, from his point of view, his relationship with Liviu Dragnea is based on respect for the Social Democratic Party (PSD – major, at rule) leader and he takes counsel with him daily but pointed out that there is “someone” who “willingly feeds this so-called tension” between him and the leader of the Social Democrats.

“I noticed from the beginning. I took the oath on January 4, both I and my colleagues. And from the very first week I noticed that there were talks about tensions, about things that are not okay between me and chairman Liviu Dragnea. It is true that lately, the intensity of these discussions is higher, but I am telling you it is false. Our relation, at least from my point of view, is one of respect for the party’s chairman, but I cannot but notice one thing, that someone wants to willingly fuel this so-called tension between me and chairman Dragnea. I talk to him every day, I take counsel. It is only natural that I do this because he is the leader of the party I belong to,” affirmed Sorin Grindeanu at private TV broadcaster Romania TV, asked how he would describe the relationship he currently has with the PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea.


“Reshuffling on TV vainly puts pressure on ministers”


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu stated on Thursday that a “television”-made government reshuffle places “unnecessary pressure” on the members of the Executive and he considered “wise” Liviu Dragnea’s call to end talks on this topic as they “started to hurt the Government and the Social Democratic Party (PSD – major, at rule).”

“A reshuffle on TV just puts useless pressure on all ministers and, down the ladder, on state secretaries who are in a state of uncertainty and who are not as well listened to and cannot enforce the intended measures. Anyone who might want to join the team feels uncertain,” affirmed Sorin Grindeanu at private TV broadcaster Romania TV.

The Prime Minister specified that he has been carrying out his own analysis and he is pleased with the effects of the measures taken by the Government, which, according to him, turned Romania into the country with the highest economic growth in Europe. Grindeanu reminded that over 100,000 jobs were created and the value of exports reached the record level of 5.7 billion euro, as a result of the implemented policies. He also spoke about the repeal of the 102 taxes, the increase in the minimum wage, and the de-bureaucratization process that the Government has begun.

“Here we have the measures adopted showing their effects, and this is due to a team’s merit. We are in the right direction that we all want. I’m not going to give a reply. I’m glad Mr. Dragnea has called for such talks to end , it is a wise gesture, because the constant discussions about reshuffling were starting to harm to the Government and the party we are part of, ” Prime Minister Grindeanu said.

The Premier spoke of a recent statement of Labor Minister Lia-Olguta Vasilescu, who announced that she has a resignation in blank submitted at the party, saying that this is a proof of responsibility.

Grindeanu also admitted that “the Government is not a perfect one” and “there is room for improvement” in the governing act.

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