PSD’s Dragnea hopes Gov’t assessment report to be ready on Sunday evening. “All ministers have sent undated resignations; not useful because procedure is wrong”

National leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated on Friday that he hopes the report regarding the assessment of the governing programme to be completed on Sunday, in order to convene next week the National Executive Committee of the party.

“I hope the assessment report will be ready on Sunday evening. It’s a wide report, it’s not the ministers’ assessment, it’s the assessment of the governing programme, which is actually the objective of this assessment. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we will probably also discuss with ministers and with the prime minister and at the end of the discussions we will present a decision in the National Executive Committee, but we don’t know exactly when,” Dragnea stated at Parliament Palace.

He added that, once the governmental assessment report will be competed he should have a talk with President Klaus Iohannis on this matter.

“After the governmental assessment report, I believe that a discussion with the President should take place, regardless of the decision we will want to make. It’s good for the President to be informed about the developments in the implementation of the governing programme, because we are talking about Romania,” he said.


“All ministers have sent undated resignations; not useful because procedure is wrong”


Social Democratic Party chairman told journalists that all the ministers in the Grindeanu Cabinet have sent undated letters of resignation from the party, but they are not useful because this is not the right procedure.

“All [the ministers have submitted undated letters of resignation] when they took over their portfolios. I do not even know where the undated letters are stored; they did that, but I am not considering them since I do not believe this to be the right procedure. I mean I do not go to take them out of the drawers and date them. That is not my way of doing things. There was once a similar case and I did not act…,” Dragnea said at Parliament Palace answering whether or not the ministers have submitted undated letters of resignations as Labour Minister Olguta Vasilescu did.

He added that even Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu did the same.

“Probably amidst the euphoria over the formation of the new cabinet some of them came up with the idea of the undated letters of resignation. I am not interested in those undated resignations. Who want to resign should act responsibly and explicitly, instead of submitting undated resignation letters,” said Dragnea.

Dragnea mentioned that he did not know whether or not changes in the Cabinet will be proposed.

“For the time being, we do not know whether there will be changes in the Government, irrespective of names. The most important thing is the government programme; we have to see whether or not there are delays in its implementation – there seems to be such delays – to see the consequences generated by some Cabinet members, the consequences generated by government’s internal operational mechanisms, by some functionaries in some ministries. After we see what the consequences are we will come up with suggestions for measures, because if we concentrate on just replacing Cabinet members and the consequences remain the same, we will find ourselves in the same situation. I am currently ruling out any talk of changes. After we complete the analysis of the job assessment report we will make a decision,” said Dragnea.


Sovereign Development and Investment Fund initiative to be lodged next week


Dragnea stated  that a legislative initiative regarding the establishment of the Sovereign Development and Investment Fund will be lodged with Parliament next week.

“We finalised last night [Thursday] the annex of companies to be included in the fund. Next week, an initiative to this end is expected to be lodged. We have worked on it here and because we did so, we will lodge it here as well,” said Dragnea.

Asked whether or not he knows about information that European partners disagree with the fund, Dragnea said them disagreeing with the fund would be extremely odd.

“I have not heard such rumour. Not agreeing with it would be extremely odd, given that there are very many such funds elsewhere in Europe. I cannot see what their disagreement could be because it is thought out to be in line with all relevant European regulations that have to do with deficits. Existing European models have been followed of funds in operation that are doing so pretty well and that have been very important engines for economic development,” said Dragnea.


PSD leader not ruling out party’s Executive Committee inviting UDMR to rule


Liviu Dragnea on Friday did not rule out the PSD National Executive Committee considering at its convention next week the possibility of inviting the opposition Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDM) to rule.

“The committee may consider various things. As of now, we have not discussed internally this possibility, which I do not rule out,” Dragnea said at Parliament Palace responding to whether or not the executive committee of the party may consider inviting UDMR to join the government.

Asked if he has discussed with the UDMR, as one month previously he said he would like UDMR as partners in power, Dragnea said there has been no discussion focusing on that.

“I do not say I wanted them at rule. I just said that I do not rule out the possibility, and, one again, UDMR has always recommended good people, competent people for governmental offices, inside the Cabinet and other governmental bodies. UMDR has been to everybody an efficient and serious ruling partner. We have not had any discussion focusing on an actual invitation to them to join, but I am not ruling that out. That does not mean we cannot have a conversation in the period ahead,” Dragnea concluded.


“I directly assure President Iohannis that nothing is to happen in Romania while he is in US”


Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber assured on Friday Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis that nothing will happen in the country while he is visiting the US and wished him good luck.

“First of all, I want to wish President Iohannis good luck in the US, because it’s important that Romania’s President have a successful visit to America, it’s important for the country. Beyond the past divergences between us, beyond the fact that we are political opponents, Romania is our common country and it’s important for him to have a successful visit. Moreover, I assure him, directly and publicly that nothing will happen in the country while he is in the US,” Dragnea stated at Parliament Palace, when asked if he would convey to the President something about the ministers’ assessment.

He added that he doesn’t know if Iohannis will have to come in Parliament after his return from the US.

“I don’t know if the President will have to come before Parliament after this visit, but I believe that he will make public all the conclusions of the discussions and, possibly, he will set out a meeting with the political leaders in the country, if something important was set out. If the President will make some commitments, we should know, because we will have to put them into practice,” Dragnea mentioned.



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