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April 20, 2021

Scandal at Bucharest City Hall after several citizens, including representatives of civil society, were not allowed at General Council meeting

The meeting of the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality (CGMB) was interrupted on Thursday after local policemen blocked several citizens, including representatives of civil society, from attending it. As a result, Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea left the meeting. A police unit and an emergency medical service unit were dispatched at the scene after three local policemen were allegedly injured in the melee.

The scandal erupted after several Bucharesters who wanted to attend the meeting were not allowed to enter the meeting hall and a melee ensued. They were kept outside the meeting hall for an hour and a half. During that time, there were scuffles with local policemen and City Hall employees.

“We have the right to enter the meeting hall. You’re breaking the law,” some of the people shouted.

“If there are still people on the street who want to take part in our meeting, we’re inviting them inside the hall,” a PSD councillor said, adding that he “is already nauseous.”

The meeting was interrupted for approximately half an hour and Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea left the meeting.

Bucharest Deputy Mayor Aurelian Badulescu said the people who managed to enter the meeting will be IDed on their way out.

“The unauthorised persons who entered the building will be IDed on their way out, because several local policemen were injured,” Badulescu said.

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea left the CGMB’s meeting hall during the scandal, and immediately gave a phone interview to private television broadcaster Antena3, stating that three local policemen were injured in the incident and criminal complaints will be filed as a result.

An emergency medical service unit and a police unit were dispatched to the City Hall.

Gabriela Firea added she herself had invited to meetings some of the persons responsible for the incidents on Thursday, but they did not show up or had unbecoming conduct.

The meeting resumed approximately half an hour later, chaired by Orlando Culea.

“The regulations state clearly that those who want to take part in CGMB meetings must lodge a request with the Council at least 48 hours before. I want to know what their complaints are,” meeting chairman Orlando Culea said.

In reply, a woman told him they filed requests but received no answers. At Orlando Culea’s request, local policemen immediately escorted the woman out of the meeting hall. The rest of the citizens followed her and the scandal resumed on the City Hall’s hallways.



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