Ambassador Maior, expected before inquiry committee into 2009 presidential election

Former head of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), currently Romania’s ambassador to the US George Maior will be questioned today by a parliamentary committee inquiring into the 2009 presidential runoff, committee chairman Mihai Fifor said last week.

Fifor mentioned that Maior sent him a letter requesting to be heard on 12 June and not on 6 June, as it was initially established.

“I have received a letter from Mr Ambassador Maior. (…) We have also had a phone conversation. That’s no secret. I was phoned by Mr Ambassador on Tuesday to be told that he will not be in the country before June 12 and asking for the hearing, which we would like to hold, to be rescheduled for June 12. The committee agreed,” Fifor said at the end of a meeting of the inquiry committee on Monday.

On May 23, Fifor has announced that Maior will be called before the inquiry committee on June 6.

Maior told AGERPRES that Romanian President Klaus Iohannis’ visit to the US had nothing to do with his testimony to the inquiry committee, adding that showing up before a parliamentary committee is the natural thing to do when called.

”The domestic aspect that regards me and my diplomatic capacity here have nothing to do with the visit. Showing up before a parliamentary committee is the natural thing to do when called, nobody has anything to hide or some inhibition related to that. I am quite gladly looking forward to the hearings,” said Maior.

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