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March 23, 2023

Fifor: I believe we have confirmation of Kovesi’s presence at Oprea’s home. Looking for solutions to make her come before committee

Mihai Fifor, chairman of the committee of inquiry into the presidential elections of 2009, stated on Monday that he believes there is already “confirmation” of the fact that DNA Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi took part in the meeting at Gabriel Oprea’s home on the evening of the election, without revealing the source of the confirmation, and said solutions are being sought in order for her to nevertheless come before the committee.

Asked why he believes George Maior and Neculai Ontanu refused to say whether Laura Codruta Kovesi was at Gabriel Oprea’s home, Fifor said that her presence there is no longer in doubt.

“I believe we have the confirmation. I don’t think this is what we lack at this moment,” he said, without revealing what the source of the confirmation is.

“We’re not engaged in a witch-hunt. We’re not targeting one person or another. We’re interested in shedding light on the way the presidential elections were organised and unfolded in 2009. (…) We’re interested in everyone who can contribute coming before the committee,” Fifor said.

The committee chairman added that solutions are being sought for the DNA Chief Prosecutor to be summoned at the hearings.

“Dialogue and showing the country that these are not issues that should be hidden or that someone has something to hide is important. Together with our jurist colleagues we are analysing these procedural issues in order to find a solution so that those invited would show up,” he said.

DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi informed the parliamentary committee of inquiry into the presidential elections of 2009 that she will not show up at the hearings, invoking a Supreme Magistracy Council (CSM) decision that forbids forcing prosecutors to show up before parliamentary committees, as well as a Constitutional Court decision from 1994, which rules that Parliament regulations that force persons to show up before committees of inquiry are unconstitutional.

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