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September 29, 2020

Victor Ponta: The conflict between the Grindeanu and Dragnea-Firea “teams”, caused by ambitions and frustrations

The conflict between “PM Grindeanu’s team” and “Dragnea-Firea team” is a “totally toxic subject”, an “artificial” one, caused “exclusively by personal ambitions and frustrations”, being “irrelevant for Romanians’ lives”, stated on Sunday the former PSD leader and PM, Victor Ponta, on Facebook.

Ponta posted on Sunday a chart showing that the topic related to the tensions between PM Grindeanu and the PSD leadership had the highest media impact in the week of June 5 to 9, being followed by the topic on the President Iohannis’s visit to the US, and by the Pay Law which is only on the 3rd place.

“It’s obvious that Romania is a country with a suicide trend!!! At least, this is what I understand when I see the main topics of this week!!! Pay Law is a fundamental matter, indeed – both for the state employees and for the private sector / the meeting between Trump and Iohannis really was historical (with systemic consequences that will last beyond the presidential mandate of the two leaders and that will influence the future generations in our country)!” Ponta wrote.

“However, if you look at the main political topic in media (therefore, in the active public opinion), it was the conflict between Prime-Minister Grindeanu’s Team and Dragnea-Firea Team!!! A totally toxic, artificial subject, caused exclusively by personal ambitions and frustrations, irrelevant for the Romanians’ lives and seriously affecting the implementation of some fundamental projects (from the pay law to the Partnership with the USA)!!!” the former PSD PM added.

He said that, after PNTCD in 1999, he didn’t believe that there will be in Romania the case in which one party’ leadership sabotages its own Government, adding allusively that “something similar to a certain extent was tried in the autumn of 2015”.

“However, I hope that the rationality and the common sense both of the PSD members and the Romania people in general, will make this toxic subject to be excluded from the agenda!!! Otherwise, all of us will pay a high and undeserved price!” Ponta also wrote.


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