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November 29, 2022

President Iohannis: Civil society’s part, currently very strong

Non-governmental organisations are proving their formidable capability for solidarity in solving issues, and the role of the civil society has become a very strong one, President Klaus Iohannis says in a message to the 15th edition of the Civil Society Gala in Bucharest.

“In its 15th edition now, the Civil Society Gala is already a tradition, for which I want to congratulate you and extend to you my best wishes, hoping that you will continue to advance Good in Romania. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone that has registered for the competition, because they are implementing projects designed to start off positive changes in the society. I am especially praising this festivity because it provides recognition and visibility to successful projects, and at the same time I am praising the people who have worked hard, dedicating themselves to and getting involved in doing good,” reads the he massage.

Iohannis also congratulates the entire NGO sector for “seriousness and dedication in serving and defending the interests of people and communities,” pointing out that he admires how they have many times managed to protect the vulnerable, democracy, the rule of law, forests and parks.

“There are very many people and associations deserving of my appreciation for having dedicated themselves to defend families, women, children, people with special needs and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Even more, any time culture, heritage, buildings and natural riches are in danger their salvation come from you, as you have found solutions, gathered your strength and knowledge and acted. I appreciate the support you promptly offer every time when it comes to legislative changes and reforms. I want to use this opportunity to urge you to continue actively contributing and freely expressing your opinions, because only this way can we reach consensus that has positive effects as well,” says Iohannis.

The NGO sector, says Iohannis, has managed to become a determining factor in the society because it has undertaken real changes related to good governance and improving the life of people from various communities.

“The civil society has managed to develop and get organised by taking up responsibilities related to needs and issues. You, the attendees of the event, are the engine for good changes in Romania thanks to hard work and active community involvement, because you manage to leave a positive imprint on the lives of many people. NGOs prove that have a formidable capability for solidarity in solving issues and not merely by identifying and exposing them, but also by actual involvement, with practical answers and solutions. The part of the civil society has become a very strong one, if recent events are anything to go by,” says Iohannis.

He adds that in his capacity as president he has discussed with civil society leaders from various fields of business, commending them for involvement and valuable ideas. “As a mediator between the state and the society I will always try to facilitate open and fair dialogue, because I believe that is the only way we can progress together. I want us to cooperate in the future as well as we are doing now, learning from each other to be able to advance projects that will generate long-term concrete results,” says Iohannis.

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