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November 24, 2022

HealthMin Bodog donates blood, addresses World Blood Donor Day 2017 event

Romanian Health Minister Florian Bodog on Wednesday donated blood at a mobile blood donation centre in downtown Bucharest as part of a blood donation campaign and delivered a message on the World Blood Donor Day.

“That was easy. I was nervous like I am when it comes to medical procedures, but that was normal nervousness, because the procedure, blood collection included, is non-painful. I was walked through all the procedures; I was issued a donor’s card, I had a physical examination that included reading my blood pressure, which was a bit high – I have no issues with blood pressure, but that was probably because of nervousness and because you stressed me out with your cameras. I want to extend a message of solidarity to Romanians: please act in solidarity, go to the mobile or regional blood collection centres. Child and elderly patients need some of your blood,” said Bodog.

The donation campaign marking the World Blood Donor Day started on Wednesday morning at Universitatii Square in Bucharest City, where volunteer donor were expected until 14:00hrs.

Bodog thanked those who contribute toward saving lives, assuring them of his full gratitude.

“Many of the volunteer donors sees this invaluable help as a moral duty and choose to donate blood regularly. Globally, there are more than 112.5 million blood donations performed. Unfortunately, less than two percent of people in Romania choose to be donors. That is a much too small percentage when compared against medical emergencies, the number of people in need of blood transfusions for life saving or treatment as well as against the large number of volunteer donors elsewhere in Europe,” said Bodog, adding that he has donated blood several times so far.

He added that the most recent data with the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicate that a majority of blood transfusions are steered toward suffering children and the elderly.

“This day should not just celebrate those who help their fellows in hard times, but it should also urge us to immediate involvement and action. At just one blood collection session as the blood components get separated each of us have a chance of saving three lives,” added Bodog, mentioning that a strategy is being considered for the reorganisation of blood centres.

Tens of volunteers came to donate blood. At 11:00hrs, people got together in the shape of a blood drop made up of hand-held red cards.

Concomitantly at the same venue a first-aid simulation was conducted in case of a major earthquake.

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